Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photo Number 439

This is a photo that was tucked into the back of the Nettie Parks Album.

Extra Two ladies with hats  Two ladies complete with hats and some fru fru white adornments on the front of their dresses. I do see a bustle, so this photo is probably from the second bustle period which was 1883 to 1889.

The Photographer was Linder at New Studio, Commercial Avenue, South Chicago, ILL

We had an earlier photo that was of a “cousin can’t recall her name”.

Page 21 Cousin cant recall her name Extra Two ladies with hats

I think that these ladies are all related..”Cousin”  may be the lady on the right in the green photo..they are standing the same way with their hips thrust forward..and seem to have stiff arms in both photos..what do you think?

Had the lady on the left in the green photo been traveling?  The skirt of her dress seems rumpled like it had been folded and stored in a trunk.

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  1. Once again a beautiful intruiging photo.

  2. I think I see what you mean by her long skirt appearing like its been folded over for packing. What boggles my mind is how slender these ladies are - if you remove all the "fru fru" and "frillies". I noticed that Nettie's children all looked very, very slender (and had big heads) too.

    I wonder if the ladies made a trip to Chicago to go shopping (for hats and such) - it would have been an awesome (to me) train ride!

  3. Is that a long skinny cabinet card or a trick of the scanner? I don't think I've seen a photo like that in the past. I noticed that the girl on the right has horrible posture.


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