Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo Number 430

This is page 29 in the Nettie Parks Album.

Page 29 Kids and Quilt

A beautiful photo of two children.  The child on the right is a boy, his hair is parted on the side. The baby could be either a girl or a boy.  Someone made a very beautiful quilt, and included it in the photo.

Page 29 Back of Kids and quilt H. H. Stich of Malvern Iowa was the photographer. The back of this cabinet card is almost a piece of artwork all by itself. The card has notched edges, they were popular from 1894 to 1900.

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 Update from Iggy:

Harry L. Summitt was born in October 2, 1887 to Gilbert and Luanna Summitt. His brothers and sisters were Alta (Jan 1890), Roy G (Mar 1892), Lena B (Jul 1893), and James M Summitt (May 1895).

I have placed the photos side by side for comparison…since Alta was born in 1890, and Harry in 1887. Todays photo could indeed be them. The little boys sure do look alike.


Page 24 Harry Summit Page 29 Kids and Quilt

Photo Number 425


I have an update on Photo Number 413, the photo of Josiah and Jane Reese.  A relative by the name of Nancy sent me photos of the couple when they were older.  Thanks Nancy!


  1. Lets see Nancy's #413 older photos so we can compare the two?

  2. This little boy looks almost exactly the same as the one in Photo #425, little Harry Summit - he almost wearing the same clothes too.

    Perhaps this is his little sister Alta.

  3. Precious photo and that quilt is amazing.

  4. A Daft Scots Lass..follow the link..the new photos are there:)

  5. Iggy, It could be Harry and Alta Summit..if we could place them in Malvern in 1890 or there abouts..:)

  6. Malvern, Iowa lies nearly halfway between Red Oak and Council Bluffs and is about 10 miles south of Macedonia. It was a very busy spot on the railroad between Red Oak and Council Bluffs.

    The other photo mentions the town of Carson which is just north of Macedonia. Maybe they had a 10% off coupon with this photographer?


  7. Wow, that Crazy Quilt is beautiful with all the embroidered detail. I can only imagine how old the scraps were if this photo was taken in the late 1800s. Wouldn't be wonderful if someone in the family still owns this quilt?


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