Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photo Number 142

This is a damaged cabinet card.  I attempted to repair it several times and finally gave up..facial repairs are very difficult.   Anyway this gentleman has one of those ascots as his neckwear ..I think he has the look of a sailor.  I purchased this card in Perham, Minnesota.

The back of the card is an elaborate advertisement for the photographer, G A Werner of Marquette, Mich. Mr. Werner was in business there from 1889 to 1896.  So I will date this cabinet card at 1896.

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  1. Perham is a place I have never hear of before. I will look it up. I think fixing faces is almost impossible. Hours of time and pixel my pixel can do it but one doesn't want to invest that much time into it.

  2. Hi - Noticed your comment on "The Shades of the Departed" - I belong to the Geneabloggers thought you might enjoy joining the community. I believe there are about 900 - it's a great community of people with interest in Genealogy. I'm sure there would be many who would enjoy reading your blog. The blog site ishttp://www.geneabloggers.com/
    Your old photographs are great - I'm planning on spending some time looking at all of them!

  3. I do a lot of photo restoration - if you would like I can attempt to fix this for you - no charge - just my way of "paying it forward" to all the people who have helped me.

  4. How funny, my friends husband has that exact facial hair. :-)

  5. It is a shame it has so much damage. He is a distinguished looking man. I agree facial repair is difficult. I have tried without success.

  6. Thanks Terri, He is unknown so it isn't worth the effort..but I do thank you for your kindness:)


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