Saturday, November 26, 2011

Full Circle 39

These photos went to California.
Elmer DL Antiques     Elmers sisters DL
Photo Number 490                      Photo Number 492
To Elmer  DL Antiques
I found some info on Elmer Westling and thought these photos were of his sisters and his sisters children.   Iggy helped with the research!   Nothing happened with these photos for quite some time then one day Annette found them on the blog.

She wrote:
Hi my name is Annette Thank you for finding these photos.My grandma Selma lived to be almost 101 and one of the children on the photo just turned 95 and we had a big family party today.  Again thank you so very much.

I heard from her again that she had received the photo.

( Her Grandmother was Selma one of Elmer Westlings sisters.)

I also heard from another relative, Darlene left a comment on the blog:

Hi. I am the great-granddaughter of Vernice Dubrall. Could I also get copies of these pictures as well

(Vernice is the middle child in the back row.)

I asked her to email me.  When I have already sent the photo to a relative the best I can do is off to send a copy on a CD..I did that..but have not heard anything.

In the meantime I found this photo at the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
More than likely this is Selma Westling Dubrall. ( If this is not Selma then it is one of her sisters.) I contacted Annette again and asked her if she would like the photo..but I have gotten no response.

January 06, 2011  Edit: This is Freida Westling Davis younger sister of Selma. 

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  1. Thats great, I think it's wonderful that these photos find their way home...with your help :)

  2. Dang. I wish you would find some of my family's missing photos. I would send you more than a thank you note. You really shouldn't bother sending a CD when sending it electronically or simply lifting it from you blog is easier.

  3. It is amazing how family photos can get separated from their own, just by a simple house auction or a handed down batch of photos of less interested family members.

  4. Maybelline, All the photos on a blog are reduced in pixels and do not print well. I could just email them to family..but I prefer to send them the originals and then send CD copies to other relatives that want them:)

  5. Photo 491 is so sweet.

    :) I bet someone treasured this picture for the longest time.

  6. Hi I am Melody another granddaughter of Selma Westling Dubrall. The woman in the picture is Selma's sister Freida Westling Davis her younger sister. I would like this picture for my mom LaVerne Dubrall who is 93 years old and was very close to both Selma and Freida.

  7. Hi Melody, Please email me with your address and I will mail the photo to you. My email is off to the on my profile and then on my email:)


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