Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Full Circle 35

This was a very round about Full Circle.  One day I got an email from Mary. She found Forgotten Old Photos through an Internet search for her  Great Grandfather who was a photographer.  She is the Great Granddaughter of Ole Flaten.  Her Grandfather was Oscar Marius Flaten and her father was Oscar Miller Flaten.  Her father learned the photographic trade from Ole.

I gave her what info I had on Ole, and I told her if she would like one of the photographs that I had that was by him and it was unclaimed I would mail it to her.

Mary liked this one, and thought it somehow looked familiar to her. 

Flaten Photo three plain back DL Antiques1894 to 1895

Photo Number 560

Now I am going to send you off to a link.  It seems Ole’s brother was named Gilbert here is a photo of Gilbert.

This is what Mary wrote:

Hi, Connie-

I received the photo today. THANKS so much! I also sent the link of your posting of the photo to my brothers and cousin to see if they have a clue about who the happy couple might be! : - )

To me, the gentleman somewhat resembles my grandfather (Ole E. Flaten), especially the eyes and mouth. So, I am wondering if this might be his brother, Gilbert E. Flaten, who I learned from your site also was a professional photographer over in Fargo.

Check out this link:

http://library.ndsu.edu/exhibits/photographers/biography/flaten.html. The gentleman in the photo you sent me & this one of Gilbert seem to have some resemblance. If this is correct, then the woman in the white wedding dress on the cabinet card would be Emma Voxland.

According to the above link, their wedding date was around 1891. It makes sense that Gilbert would have his brother Ole photograph them. However, the cabinet card lists Ole's studio locations as "Moorhead, Halstead, and Lake Park", although the MN historical society lists Ole's Halstead location beginning as of 1893... so, not quite sure about all this yet.

We will continue our family tree sleuthing. Thanks again for your wonderful help!


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  1. Very interesting! I remember this photo and the elaborate dress she is wearing.

  2. This looks like it could very well be Gilbert to me. The resemblance is very striking.

  3. How interesting! It does look very much like Gilbert. The dress is beautiful.

  4. I simply don't think this is the same man. The face is a bit rounder with fuller lips on the fireman. The groom has sharper features.

  5. To me, the groom's lips look much thinner and his brow bone more pronouced. I don't think it's him either. It sure is close though.

  6. Maybe another relative? Her dress is definitely 1890s but I would have guessed later than 1891.


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