Friday, November 25, 2011

Full Circle 38

This photo went to Minneapolis.

Runneborg sisters DL Antiques

Photo Number 516

After finding out that these were the Lunneborg sisters I sent out a message on Facebook to a possible relative.  And waited.  One day I received this email.

Photo 516 is a picture of four of my grandfather's (Nelmar Lunneborg) sisters. They lived on a farm in Milnor, North Dakota. There were 16 children born to Nels and Ellite. Nels has four surviving children including my father. Is there anyway I can obtain the photo?  Thanks Sandy

Later Sandy wrote:

I'm not sure which of the sisters they are but I will be checking with my dad and aunts to see if they may know. The family had a farm in Milnor, ND. Many of the kids stayed there or nearby. My grandfather moved to minneapolis, mn and worked as an auto mechanic. I will definely updateprovide an update on the site if I get more info. My niece was doing a search on my grandmother (emma lunneborg, nelmar's wife not his sister emma) and was directed to this sight.


I also got an email from Gail:

Those are my great aunts. My grandfather was Nelmer Lunneborg. I was so surprised to see the photo when I googled Donna Lunneborg (my Mother)images. Makes me think what a crazy tool this internet is. And I wonder how the photo ended up in an antique store in Detroit lakes. Thanks for what you do.

I did not hear if they got the photo or not.  I mailed it on July 26, 2011.

Sometimes I get discouraged when I don’t hear that a photo was received.  But I keep sending them out anyway. I usually wait to write the full circle post after the photo has been received and hopefully something about the photo has been shared.   In this case I was curious which four of the eight girls were in the photo.

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  1. I hope one of them reads this posts and lets you know that they received the photo.

  2. Don't get discouraged! I LOVE what you do! Kinda makes me wish my ancestors lived in MN!!!

  3. I love your photos and find them intriguing... I also live in a sepia world!

  4. I hope you hear something. Those four girls thank you for letting them go home anyway... they speak in the photo.


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