Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photo Number 700

Another WW2 era photo.
Lars Larson Mpls ML Photos
This one is marked “Lars” Larson Mpls ( Minneapolis MN)
It was developed on September 5 1945.  The photos could have been taken anytime or anyplace prior to that date.
I have finally decided that the photo processing center was called Illini Quality Service.  The words form a triangle and there is a photo of an Indian Chief in the center.  Chief Illini was the official symbol of the University Of Illinois at Champaign Urbana.  Chanute Base is nearby..I only know it as an Air Force Base..but it could have been Army/Air Corps Base back then.
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These photos went Full Circle 131 on November 12 2015


  1. Prior to WW2 we did not have an Air Force, only the Army Air Corps, so yes, the base would have been an Army Air Corps base. the Army Air Force was created in 1941 but wasn't spun off of the Army until 1947.

  2. Chanute had the following:

    10th Air Base Sq (Special), 1 September 1936 - 17 February 1941

    9th Air Base Sq (Special), 17 February 1941 - 1 May 1944

    3502d AAF Base Unit (Technical School), 1 May 1944 - 26 August 1948

    ..in case that helps anyone track these fellows down...

  3. This photo and others were mailed today, October 15 2015 to Allen in Minneapolis MN a relative of Eugene Lilienthal


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