Sunday, November 27, 2011

Full Circle 40

This photo stayed in Minnesota.

I sent it off to Red Wing Minnesota the end of December in 2010, eleven months ago to David a grandson of Minda Jellum.

minda and jena Hjellum


Minda and Gena postcard

Photo Number 406

It has been so long, that I will declare this one a full circle.  He didn’t seem real thrilled by my phone call to verify his address and his relationship to the gals on the postcard.

Abra found this info on these girls:

Minda Hansina and Gina Karina Jellum were born in Wanamingo, Goodhue Co., MN to Iver Jellum and Martha Jordahl. They were the youngest of 8 children. Three older sisters were Clara Justina(1884), Ida(1886), and Hannah(1888). Three older brothers were Emil(1891), Joseph(1893), and Martin(1896).
Minda was married to Oscar Pearson. According to a family tree, Minda & Oscar were married in March of 1926. They lived in Featherstone, Goodhue Co, MN in 1930, and had one son (I will not name here, as I believe he is still alive). The 1930 census transcript on lists him as age six, but when I look at the image, it is chicken-scratched, so I am not sure he was born then, or later. The family will have to verify, I believe. This son had 4 children (2 girls, 2 boys), and at least 2 grandchildren (who bear middle names of their great grandparents). I didn't follow all the children, as we will let the family tell some of their own story if we make contact. ;-) Minda passed away at the age of 88, on June 5, 1986.

Gina was married to John Edward Benson on October 16, 1926. They had 2 sons who died as infants:Robert Milo(12-28-1927 to 01-10-1928)& Leslie Everett (Jan 1932 to 8-19-1932). I didn't find a record of any other children. Gina passed away Aug 23 1991 at the age of 93. She is buried in Cannon Falls, MN.
I am not sure who Aunt Stina is--could be either side, but I didn't follow that up too closely, as that is something the family could tell us. (You will note that I included the middle name of the oldest daughter--Clara Justina--as I think she could/may be named after her aunt "Stina.") I think you are pretty accurate on the dating of this photo, as both girls were apparently married in 1926. It does look as if the seated girl is wearing a band (or two) on her left ring finger, so maybe this is around the time of one of their marriages? Who really knows? I could not find either girl in the Minnesota online marriage system, so I am thinking they married in a bordering state, perhaps. I could search further or once again allow those details for the family to share. I will send contact information to you shortly, Connie! ~Abra


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  1. Amazing. Imagine where these millions of blogs will end up someday?

  2. I had catch up on all of the full circle for Nov., love it when they come full circle.

  3. David may not have been a very proud moment in MInda's long life. Too bad.

  4. Hmmmph.

    Tis the season of the Bah Humbugers too...



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