Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Number 713

This is a Cabinet Card from Solway Minnesota.

Lady from McIntosh Solway Antiques Cab Card

The photographer was O.K. Lee from McIntosh Minn.   Mr. Lee was in business there from 1896 to 1899.

The mutton sleeves, were reminiscent of a mutton chop on a bone, wide and puffy at the top and then becoming narrow and tight near the elbow.  This dress is a perfect example.

We also get a perfect view of the photographer’s fringed chair.

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  1. When I look at these posed photo's, I always wonder what the sitter is thinking, and why it was taken. Something for her parents? Gentlemen friend? Maybe we will never know...

  2. Her hand looks a bit swollen or raw. I like the little flowers on the fern plant - and the chair painted on the wall in the background.

  3. I'd put this photo toward the end of the century, like 1898 or 99. You can see the front of the dress bodice is starting toward that pigeon breast shape of the Edwardian period. Lovely photograph.

    You may be interested if you ever get time...on youtube there is a 4 part series put out by the Nevada Historical Society called Victorian Secrets and talks about dressing in Victorian clothing. There are at least two sections on 1860s dressing but I know she also discusses the pigeon breast look and the corsetry required.


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