Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Full Circle 36

Remember this one?

Harry Nordstrom Family Dassel MN

Photo Number 610

Iggy located a family members email address..and we found the family in no time at all! Cindy sent me her address.

Earl wrote a message on the blog post:

This is a photo of my dad and Earl 11 years, Jim 9 years Dean 7 years and Marlyn at 5 years. The picture was taken around 1942, about the time our mother passed away. It was taken in the barn door that my dad Harry and uncle Elmer farmed. The farm is south of Dassel Mn. on the east shore of Pigeon lake.

Then he emailed me:

I am Earl the one with the camera in the picture.  I am looking forward to seeing the picture that you have been in contact with Cindy. Good luck with your hobby Earl

I mailed the photo in August. In the early part of September I got a message from Cindy that the photo had been received.

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  1. I think its really cool to actually find someone in the picture!!


  2. I would still like to see the photo Earl took from the opposite view.

  3. Love those Full Circle stories! After all, I really want to know about those real people in each lost picture.


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