Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photo Number 714

This is another Cabinet Card from Solway Minnesota.

nebraska lady Cabinet Card Solway

The dress is somewhat severe with close fitting sleeves, with a row of buttons and many rows of trim down the front.  The back of the dress looks like it is gathered..it may have had a bustle..I am not sure.  This young lady has a little style of her own..she has added a ribbon with scalloped edges that she tied around her neck.

The very ornate backdrop is spoiled a little by the straw looking matt on the floor.

Nebraska Lady back Cab card Solway

This is the back of the Cabinet Card. The photographer Ed Wiekhorst from Hooper Neb was in business there in the 1880’s and 1890’s.

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  1. I guess the "stuff" under foot was supposed to look like real grass and complete the "outdoors" look.

    Before the age of weed eaters and wackers - this would be a pretty good trim?

  2. I imagine the embroidery on the front of the dress would have been rather pretty in person, but overall in photograph she looks drab.


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