Monday, November 7, 2011

Photo Number 706

A Soldier gets married. This was most likely after the war, I say that because most brides didn’t wear fancy white dresses during the war.  This bride wore a fingertip veil and her wedding frock had a train that she has gathered up in her hand.
A soldier and his bride  ML Photos
Soldier and his bride two
It wasn’t a summer wedding.  It looks like early spring to me..March or April.  I hope they were a happy couple and were married a really long time.
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  1. I'm struck by how old they look...I wonder what their ages were. It is funny how people are looking younger for longer these days. My mother in law at 64 looks way younger than her own mother did at your photos...

  2. Rare for me to see a wedding photo from this time. I always wished that I at least had a pic of my parents together from this time period.

  3. I love these. Such a time of turmoil. They look a bit stern don't they?

    I'm still looking for WWII pieces for the art I'm doing. I had to pay $5 for one uniform button. Isn't that crazy?

  4. I do love old wedding photos. It shows you that love never goes out of fashion!

  5. Really hoping this one makes it full circle! I'm sure someone in that family would love to have these wedding photos.

  6. Isn't this the same couple in the other photos you posted earlier? They sure look like them.

  7. When I find a photo like this one I always wonder one thing: How could this have been lost and forgotten? The answers aren't easy.

  8. I disagree. I think these photos were most likely taken during World War II. While it is true that some women did not wear formal wedding gowns during the war, many women still did. And many couples still had church weddings [though generally smaller, simpler ones], as did most of my parents' aquaintances who married during the war. Many strove to maintain some semblance of normalcy on the home front - whenever possible. And while some new fabrics were hard to come by during the war, fabrics were not rationed and a lot of "old stock" fabric was still available. Also, a lot of used dresses were available to borrow or buy, because many married women still had their pre-war wedding dresses. In the case of these photographs, which obviously were not done in a professional photographer's studio, the marriage ceremony itself may have been simple and small but the bride [as did many others] may have have decided that she wanted to at least be married in a traditional wedding dress. I will not but indeed could use a generality to help "prove" my point: "These pictures must have been taken during the war, because before and after the war most men were not in military uniform."

  9. This photo and others were mailed today, October 15 2015 to Allen in Minneapolis MN a relative of Eugene Lilienthal

    The photo is Eugene Wallace Lilienthal and Emeline Moline Lilienthal who were married April 15, 1944.


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