Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photos Number 380

Shartford Conn. De Lamater & Son De Lamater
These are two of Laurisa’s photos from Alabama.  Since they are both from the same photographer De Lamater of Hartford, Conn.  Perhaps they are related?? 
The ladies photo is the oldest, possibly from around 1885.  She has a beautifully ornate blouse or gown with an unusual clip at her throat. 
De Lamater
The gentlemans photo was taken later, how much later I am not sure..some time after RS De Lamater took his son into his business as that one is marked De Lamater and Son.  I will guess around 1900.  I found references to his son joining his business but no date.
These are both Cabinet Cards.

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Update from Iggy : De Lamaters son joined him in business in 1890. 


  1. Her clothing is extraordinary.

  2. R. S .was Richard Storm (born Oct 23, 1833 in New York) moved to Hartford CT around 1865. His son was R. W. - Richard Woolsey (born 1873) became active as a photograher around 1890.

    R. S. De Lamater, like C. L. Howe in the previous entries is listed "as one of the most prolific photographers of their time". A google search for R S De Lamater turns up thousands of his pictures and many of them are named.

    Anyone want to hunt faces? :) has about 65 pictures you can browse through.

  3. just love your blog and the history lessons... can't wait to follow you and see what other great pictures you have. My girls and I love digging in old photos at the flea markets... what fun... thank u

  4. I stumbled upon your blog the other day and saved the link because I just knew I had to spend some time here. I will check your previous posts as time permits but you can be sure I will follow this blog from now on! Uber cool!

  5. I was fascinated by her "brooch" or pin as well!

  6. I am a history nut, and a photographer. Your blog combines both of these, I love it.

  7. What an unusual pin, and good eye Connie for catching that. There was a time when asymmetrical designs were very popular, and I wonder if the brooch is from that period.

  8. Happy thanksgiving! I like your Blog! And thos ePhotos are very interesting. The womens hair looks great btw!!!

  9. how do you get the history of the photos ?
    kannasms apk

  10. kannaapk, The history comes bit by bit from the internet. Most early photographers can be found and many times it gives the dates they were in business which can help to date a photograph. If we have a name we search census records. I have one reader who is excellent with womens clothing in the 1800's. Thanks for the comment! :)


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