Thursday, November 25, 2010

Photo Number 381

Taken Nov. 25 1898
This is a Cabinet Card  that Laurisa so kindly shared with me.  The Photographer is A J Schillare of Northampton, Mass.
backing to Taken Nov. 25 1898
I have messed with the dark backing on the cabinet card to make it easier to read.

I believe it says: For Bro Wm x his Minnie x Then Charlotte  Taken Nov 25 1898

I can never pass up a photo with a date..especially one that was taken exactly 112 years ago.

I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, full of food and family, I am thankful for you the faithful readers and commenter's that make this blog an absolute joy to write.

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you, Far Guy and the cute doggie have a wonderful day!!

    Seems like someone in Laurisa's family was from New England. How they got to Alabama is the question. We "know" they missed a turn and saw a parade in Kansas City, which was a little out of the way. :)

  2. Interesting in that Brattleboro, NH and Northampton, MA are 35-40 miles apart in a line North and South while Northampton, MA and Hartford CT are about 40-45 miles apart in a line South and North (i.e., the exact other way)

    All of the pictures from NH, MA, and CT could be of the same family members or at least of the same family.

  3. Wonderful to have a date on this photo. Wish you both a blessed Thanksgiving. Give Chance a hug from us.

  4. Wow, look at that date! its a pitty that in 100 years we only will have digital photos..

    Agorafobie betekenis

  5. How awesome to have a date on it! :) Love your site!

  6. Marvelous old photograph - Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  7. Your blog is very particular and interesting!

  8. Just discovered your blog...what a great idea! I love the old photos. In my line of work (moving coordinator) I see a lot of old photos go into the garbage. It's really sad. I'm so glad you care about them and the history. I am a follower now.
    Connie Bray

  9. Actually, Intense Guy, the pictures are not my family because my dad came from Romania at age 14 and my mother's family came from Germany before WWI. These pictures were found in my Grandparent's attic, left by the people who lived there formerly. ****It is important to note that my grandfather's house was owned by friends of General/Governor George C. Wallace who is from New England. They'd often throw parties for Wallace but this still does not prove that the pics belonged to them. The house had other occupants in 1960.

  10. I find your account facinating, Laurisa - and thanks for the clarification. While I do not know who these people are the pictures you found, I have encountered the family name of "Leonard" mentioned in each of the places the pictures came from, including Kansas City.

    One of the Leonard family branches (Samuel Leonard) was a Pilgrim came to the USA on the Mayflower. It would be a total and freaky coincidence if the photo shown by FarSide on Thanksgiving day was a decendent of an "original" pilgrim.


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