Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photo Number 368

Army Soldier Lake Park Antiques

I purchased this photo at an Antique Shop near Lake Park, Minnesota.  It is marked only with the name of the photographer, Newcomb of Alexandria, La.  So this one is another Forgotten Old Army Soldier.

This is a typical folder that was in use during the early 1940’s.  I call it art deco, it is all about the lines that show off the photo in the folder.

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  1. A very nice picture and the lines are very familiar.

  2. It is a shame that some of these photos and people are so forgotten. Your blog is a wonderful tribute to all of these forgotten souls, Thankyou !

  3. Good looking dude. If he served in WWII - its increasingly more likely he isn't alive anymore - but its probable he has some grandkids.

  4. beautiful blog ! love old fotos
    cheer Nicolas Valbrun

  5. I just found a similar picture of my grandparents circa 1941 from Newcomb. Google brought me here. The picture is different, of course, but the matting is exactly the same. Cool!

  6. I just found a similar picture of my grandparents circa 1941. They had just married and Grandpa was getting ready to be sent to England for 2 1/2 years. Different picture of course, but same matting:
    Grandma turned 100 today.

  7. Hi Zanna, Thanks for the input..and the old photo of your Grandparents is wonderful. 100 wow..:)


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