Friday, November 19, 2010

Photo Number 377

Hair thingys
I am not sure when this photo was taken, I will guess 1930.  What do you think?  She has a beautiful mantilla style comb in her hair. It appears that she is wearing some off the shoulder creation with some stiff netting.  I cannot figure out what the purpose of that rose is…other than it is distracting.

There are no marks of any kind on this photograph. Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)
This photo went Full Circle on November 30, 2010.  You can read about it at Full Circle Number Thirteen! 


  1. She's very pretty and I love her hair.

  2. This is officially the coolest blog I have ever stumbled upon.

  3. She is certainly very "fetching" as they used to say. The sheer fabric reminds me of the sea sprite-look down the shore in the 1940s.

    :) My grandmother often wore her hair like this (without the comb).

  4. I agree with Lacy! Love old photos and love your commentaries! The rose is distracting but the woman is quite lovely!

  5. I love the climate on photos representing by You..
    I remind myself a photo album which owns my grandma...

    Yeah, . and very nice thing in her hair..

  6. Very cool blog.
    The woman in today's photo has beautiful eyes.
    I wonder if they were green, blue, or....???

  7. I don't think the rose is distracting, just unnecessary. Lovely hair too - back in the day before women were able to really straighten it. She has some texture to her hair that made it probably naturally curly or wavy.


  8. super blog!!!!

  9. Your blog is so refreshing. How wonderful it is to discover these precious yet neglected time capsules. I don't know how to say this, but your blog is so inspiring. It inspires me to live life to the fullest, so there may be more moments worth capturing in a tiny film.

    Beautiful photo. I agree that the rose is distracting, but I never really noticed it until you mentioned it (haha I guess I'm not as perceptive). The lady has a beautiful smile, and for some reason I can only imagine her as an actress. So many great stories can be based off of these.

  10. Have you ever seen the book Prince, And Other Dogs? It is very much like your blog, just page after page of old, forgotten photographs, except all the photos have dogs in them. I notice a distinct lack of dogs in your pictures! Where are the dogs?! :) Anyway, if you like this sort of thing, check out Prince And Other Dogs. I have a copy. Sometimes I just like to flip through it.

  11. A really beautiful young lady!
    You have a amazing collection of old photos.
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  12. I LOVE this picture and I love your blog. I am seriously considering doing something similar here in Texas. I come across SO many old photos in boxes at garage sales for almost nothing and I always feel so sorry for them. I have always wanted to do something with them.

  13. She is beautiful. This picture is reminiscent of some old pictures I have of my grandmother.

  14. K9Trainer, I did a week of dogs awhile back..check out photos 33, 217 and then 330 through might find a few dogs! Old Photos of dogs are few and far between, but I always have one eye out for them:)

  15. You really don't have nothing to do, right??, Because, i know, old photos, i dont understand why u're doing that

  16. I am studying a cultural and heritage course in Cork, Ireland and am totally in awe of old photographs. I absolutely love this blog. Thank you so much for sharing. I would do anything to find photos like these of my ancestors. Please keep sharing :)

  17. I would say the remarkable things I can observe on this photo is her look and the way she is laughing... Moreover, the mantilla style comb(I see it as a metal flower) in foreground has a meaningful contrast with the rose(The real one) in background. So the only way to get there is her who is trying to convince the viewer to stay with her and hang off it in favor of her...

    * Really enjoyed your stuff, go on...

  18. Olá! Sou de uma Cidade do interior do Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. Fiquei maravilhado com seu blog. Não sei falar e nem escrever inglês, estou usando o Google tradutor para comentar aqui. Encontrei-te no “Blogs of Note”. Estas fotografias são uma volta ao tempo e nos levam a imaginar muitas coisas quando as observamos. Cada uma dessas fotografias tem uma história e levar a imaginação de como seria essa história é um dos efeitos que a fotografia proporciona.

    Um amigo fotógrafo morreu há alguns meses e você me deu uma grande idéia para homenageá-lo. Conversarei com a viúva dele para fazermos uma seleção de fotografias que ele fez em sua carreira para uma exposição em meu blog. Isso deve demorar alguns meses pois estou com outros trabalhos em andamento, mas com certeza será um projeto que farei.

    Parabéns e muito obrigado pela existência do seu blog! Grande idéia!

    Hello! I'm from a town in the interior of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. I was amazed at your blog. I can not speak nor write English, I'm using Google translator to comment here. I found you on the "Blogs of Note." These photos are back to a time and lead us to imagine many things when we see them. Each of these photographs have a story and lead the imagination how would that story is one of the effects that photography affords.

    A photographer friend died a few months ago and you gave me a great idea to honor him. I will talk with his widow to make a selection of photographs he made in his career to an exhibition on my blog. This should take several months because I have other work in progress, but it sure will be a project that will.

    Congratulations and thank you for the existence of your blog! Great idea!

  19. The picture you have and the picture sent to you are definately the same person. If not, she had a twin!!

  20. Hi there

    It is wonderful to find a find a blog about old photos. It is a legacy left behind. People forget about these old photos. I love your blog, and will be visiting more. Thank you for honouring these old photos and keeping their existence alive!



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