Thursday, November 11, 2010

Photo Number 369


Meet Jack again! This is Photo Number 21 that I featured November 11th last year.  This photo was in the big box of photos that I originally purchased.  I have had a whole year to go through the old photos in that big old box. I found two more photos that just might be Jack.  It appeared that Jack had been in a hospital..US 28 General Hospital Ward 41 Fort Sheridan, Ill.

Soldier without a leg

Do you think that this looks like Jack?  This photograph bothered me for a long time..why would someone send a photo of a soldier in a hospital bed..and what was his injury ..he looks pretty good to me.  Do you notice anything else? Look closely.

Fisherman without a leg I think that all three of these photos are the same young man. Jack..just one of many of the forgotten old soldiers.

Happy Veterans Day! If you are a veteran I thank you for your service to our country:)


  1. Yes, they all appear to be the same man. What a shame that his photos ended up for sale in a store.

  2. An extraordinary series of photos which tells a tale of sadness for Remembrance Day

  3. It looks like Jack didn't let his grevious injury prevent him from enjoying life. Those are two pretty awesome fish he has in his hands while balanced on one leg. They appear to be Tarpon to me - caught only in the south (South Carolina to Florida and around to Texas). The one fish looks to be at least 40 pounds.

  4. Fascinating.
    I create a quick screenplay in my mind whenever I read your posts.

  5. I think all three are Jack, you can especially tell by his nose and ears. In the hospital photo, you can see that he has one leg, which would explain the last picture.

    I really enjoy your blog!

  6. The photos have such a ghostly presence, they are a privellige to see, even though I dont recognize anyone. We have some very old family photos too, its amazing to see people you've only ever heard about. Photos are precious thats for sure.

  7. The only problem is that in the second picture it looks like his left foot is showing, but in the third he has his right leg. That is, unless the negative was reversed or something.

  8. Suzette, If you enlarge the photo by clicking on it, you will see that his pant leg is empty on the left:)


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