Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photo Number 360

a name Motley CdV

This is the photo that was purchased in the same booth as yesterdays photo at an Antique Mall in Motley, Minnesota.  This one was fifty cents too.

Here is the back of this card..there is a name.

Back of CdV  a name Motley Antiques

H. H. Matteson. I did find an H. H. Matteson who was 38 at the time of the 1860 census..he was a miner that was born in Rhode Island and was in California in Eureka Township. Tis pure speculation on my part if this is really him or not.  I found a few other H H’s but none fit the time of this photo which I believe is 1860 to 1870..and I think the gentleman is between 30 and 40 years old.  Perhaps a relative will pop up someday! Or this card could be anyone with a friend named H. H. Matteson.  This is a CdV and it has slightly rounded corners..most likely from wear.

They must have cut these images out by hand..this one in particular is not very straight on the card.

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  1. His clothes seem large for his frame, don't they? He's very handsome though. Another great buy.

  2. I wish that 19th century men's grooming would come back into style! :-) I just love the beautiful mustaches and nicely coiffed hair. Sigh.... Early CdVs were definitely cut by hand, even the cards. If you find some that are really wonky, they are likely to be among the earliest CdVs.

    I found Hans H Matteson, a cooper in Chicago, and also a couple of H Mattesons. All seem to be Nordic, either from Sweden, Norway or Denmark.


  3. I love my electric razor. It does look late 1800's.

  4. If I didn't know better, I'd say he got his picture taken with his PJs on...

  5. Perhaps he has come home emaciated from the Civil War and his clothes he left home are now too large. As a person who sews, I'm still trying to figure his pants out. Corduroy with the cords running horizontally instead of vertically? Big patch on the knee or damage to the picture?

  6. I'm looking for a H.H. Matteson that was a banker/cashier in Great Falls, Mt around 1901. He was busted for embezzlement($165,000.00) and later moved his family to Minnesota. I found records that he died in 1947 in Mn. Any ideas of locating photos of him or his family?




    1. Hi Mark, search the Internet you never can tell..where did he live in Minnesota..and where is he buried? :)

  7. I am researching a Herman Howard Matteson, who was born in Illinois in 1876, came to Minnesota in the late 1880s and went to school at the University of MN. He studied allopathic medicine. He married Mildred Whitlock in Minnesota and they moved to Bellingham, WA by circa 1910 when he became an editor at the Bellingham Herald newspaper, and was the secretary for the B'ham Chamber of Commerce. They moved to Olga, Orcas Island, and he wrote many short stories. They never had children. Don't know if this is your H.H. Matteson, if it were the photo would date a little later, perhaps. Maybe someone else who knows more about clothing and styles and photographs could narrow the date? Great picture.

    1. Hi kolbyL, I think that my photo is from the 1860's. At The latest it is from 1870. Well before your H.H. Matteson was born. Perhaps they were related? Do you have a photo of him? Thanks for the comment! :)


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