Monday, December 15, 2014

Photo Number 1771

Time to start looking at some Christmas Photos and  Postcards that were sent out at Christmas time.

This first one is from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota

Christmas Greetings 1908 Mrs leckley  DL Antiques

Look at those hats!  Did you notice the side windows next to the door…pretty fancy for 1908.

Christmas Greetings 1908 Mrs leckley  DL Antiques back

Christmas Greetings 1908

Mrs. J. T. Zepley ?  Zeplerj?  Zeklirj ? Zekley ?

Christmas Greetings 1908 Mrs leckley  DL Antiques back

Since it is just signed by the Missus I wonder with whom she is standing?  A brother?  or a friend? He wears a wedding ring…perhaps it is her husband and she just ignored him in the greeting.

Azo postcards like this one with the triangles going up in the stamp box were used from 1904 to 1918.  So the date that is noted on the postcard is true to form.

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Christmas Greetings 1908 Mrs leckley  DL Antiques


  1. I can't make any headway on this one - I think the name might even be Hekley -

    1. I looked up different old style penmanship, it is a z according to the chart I saw. The second letter could be a c or an e..or? then is it a P or a k? Frustrating.

    2. Even the "known" letters are hard to "read" - for instance the initial "G" in "Greetings." To me, the final "g" in "Greetings" looks like the final letter in the last name.

      Oh well, perhaps after we rest our eyes it will come to us.

  2. I've seen a number of census records that form their "H" similar to the first letter in that surname, so I'm with Iggy: I'll go for Hekley.

    Her hat--whoever she is--is something else!

  3. I'm going with Hekley too. The H in the photograph is actually how I make my capital cursive H's.


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