Saturday, December 27, 2014

Full Circle 101

This was another Full Circle completed by an Internet search.

Clifford Peterson DL Ant Number 1670 (2)

Photo Number 1670

Linda’s cousin found the photo on the blog and contacted Linda who then contacted me with her address and the postcard was mailed off.

Hi Connie,
I’ve received the postcard photograph of my dad. It’s precious to our family because we only have one tiny photo of Dad as a child. Amazing that you found it in an antique shop. Iggy’s research is correct. Dad was a World War II veteran. He and Mom had three girls and a boy (I’ve passed a copy of the photo on to each of them). Thanks again and also a special thank you to my cousin Claudia who happened to find this photograph on your site.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love reading about Full Circles!

  2. That must give you such a great feeling! I think it's great!

  3. I wonder what the usual pathways are for photographs that end up in antique shops. It seems a number of the ones you run from California show up after a family member has passed away, as if there were no more descendants to pass them down to, and someone wrapped up the estate to liquidate it in any way possible--including sending old photos to antique stores. At least, when I search for leads on those photos, I notice the person's descendants had recently died.

    I don't know if it's the same for the Minnesota photos. Who knows...another thing would be that when people got their photo done, they sent a copy to close friends as well as family, likely enclosed with a letter that explained all (thus no reason to mark the name on the card). The letter got tossed, the picture kept...until no one was left to explain just who that cute little tyke was!

    I'm just glad there are antique stores out there willing to buy and sell these old photos...and that there are people out there like you, Far Side, who go through the effort of finding and posting these items online for a wider audience. And it sure is fun to be part of a group trying to figure out each day's mystery person...and to sit back and be amazed how Iggy has done it, once again ;)

    Now...if only you could take your show on the on a vacation to Florida, making sure to stop and check antique stores in Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia on your would be just the thing. At least for me :)

    1. Aw. I just get lucky most times - or get pigheaded when the luck isn't running. :)

  4. I swear. This has a strong base for a screenplay or TV series.


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