Monday, December 1, 2014

Full Circle 95

Crex and Iggy did the research on this one.  Then it just took time.

Postcard Ruth and Volney Olson DL Antiques (2)

Ruth and Volney Olson  Photo Number 813

First Emily left a comment on the blog.

Volney was my grandfather. He died when my mom was pregnant with me so I never met him. I have met his sister Ruth. My mom is Volney and Margaret's 4th child. I will forward this to my mom.

Then an email from Annette

I am Annette ...  The picture is of my Dad..Volney ...  This was  posted on Facebook by my daughter ...  We are all 5 Olson children alive...and chatting about this .. Tears in my eyes as I see this...thanks for caring...
Then Annette shared this:
We enjoyed this a great deal...thanks for making our day...I have an old letter that Emily has is from me ,to my husband who was  in Alaska for work in January 1976. that letter I have two important things to tell my husband.  1 I am pregnant ( that was with  Emily) and Dad Died...that was Volney Olson....I was with my Mom the day we raced to the hospital and he had just died...
Then one from Emily:

You can imagine my surprise when I found this photo on your site. I would be very grateful if you would mail it to me.

I mailed the photo.
I heard from Emily:
I received the photo card. Thank you so much. My Grandpa (Volney) was a farmer and a Justice of the Peace in Pine River MN.
In the meantime I also heard from one of the other Olson Children.  She left information about her family as a comment on the blog.
This is from Sannie:
Volney was born December 21, 1910 in Leader, Minnesota. He started his adult life during the years of the Great Depression. He always paid cash for whatever he purchased; put his faith in God, and never took a dime of charity. He was baptized, confirmed, and buried at the Swan Valley Lutheran Church, in Leader. He was a brilliant man and a good student. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Agricultural School, and worked as a herdsman on the farm at the Mayo Hospital in Rochester. He also worked as a herdsman at Maple Island Farms near Stillwater, MN. I believe he was working here when he married his wife, Margaret Brophy of Alexandria, MN in Sept. of 1939. Their first son, David Volney Olson, was born on December 6, 1941. David and his wife Ginny now live in Foley, Minnesota. Volney purchased his farm in Cass County, about 20 miles from Pine River, MN, before his second child, Mary Ellen, was born on June 17 in 1943. My mother used to tell of how when she was pregnant with Mary, that Volney gave her a choice to drive their car or herd their cattle to the farm. Margaret, never fond of driving, chose to walk the 7 miles from Leader to the new homestead, behind a small herd of cows. Margaret later became an LPN and worked for many years for the State of Minnesota as a nurse. Mary Ellen lived many years with her husband, Gerald Olin, Sr., in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He passed away about two years ago and she now owns a home in Madison, MN. The youngest Olson daughter, Annette Josephine, was born July 17, 1950. She lives in Brooklyn Park, MN with her husband, Steven Monson. The youngest child is Victor John and he resides in Hyannis, Nebraska with his wife Anita. I am Sandra Ruth and I am the middle child, born in 1945. I am an RN and currently teach for the School of Nursing at the Minnesota University of Mankato. I am named after my Aunt Ruth, the other child in the picture. She was first married to Lawrence Bacon, who also lived in the Leader area. He died and Ruth remarried Herb Crackle. For many years they lived on a farm near Nimrod and Ruth taught school in Sebeka.
Olson’s are very hard to locate, I am happy that this photo made it’s way back home.
 Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Now *THAT'S* a really full, Full Circle!!!!

    Volney sounds like someone I would have easily respected and enjoyed having lunch with.

  2. So glad this not only was a Full Circle that made it home, but seemed so meaningful to the family members who found it online.


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