Friday, December 5, 2014

Full Circle 99

This photo was returned to family on January 7, 2014

Ages and group DL Antiques Number 1411

Ages and group DL Antiques back Number 1411

Agnes Hoverson and the Horner Family  Photo Number 1411

Iggy found an obituary and from there he located an address.  I mailed a copy of the blog and then got a reply from Richard and I mailed off the photo.  I hope it arrived safely.

This may be the last of the Full Circles for now…Full Circle Number 100 is waiting in the wings, the couple wants to take me to lunch so they can pick up their relatives photo in person….hopefully that will happen before the end of the year.

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  1. The Full Circle responses really run the spectrum - from glee to none to lunch invites!

    I hope you get #100 before the end of the year - and that whichever photo it is - it is a Christmas present!

  2. Love reading about the full circles.

  3. You'd think it was Christmas or something, so many of these Full Circles popping up! Well, taking you out to lunch would be a lovely thank you. Wish I could do that myself :)

    1. Nope just me wanting to finish up loose ends. Ah lunch in California would be great! :)


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