Thursday, December 4, 2014

Full Circle 98

Sometimes I wait around and wait around and don’t hear at thing after photos have been sent to relatives.  I encourage everyone to contact me after the photos have arrived safely.

Back in May I sent off a few photos.  A fellow left a message on the blog post.

Anniversary couple Number 1480

Light Number 1480

Photos Number 1480

Hello Connie this is Chuck again. All the photos you have on 1479 and 1480 are all my relatives. I was told that they came from Sterling Tallman . I don't know him  but I bet he knew Eddie.  (Sterling Tallman’s Mom and Eddie were best friends.)

How can I go about getting them from you if I can?

The couple on 1480 is my great grandmother and grandfather (Hilton) who were from Florida.

The little girl with santa is my cousin and her father Which he was divorce.

Thank You


From Jack and Lousie 1951 Number 1479

Three people Hawaii Number 1479

Eddies arrival in Honolulu Number 1479

Photos Number 1479

I mailed the photos out on May 10, 2014 and since then I have heard nothing.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. At least the mystery of who the older couple are has been solved.

    I remember Chuck, he was trying to track down his cousin Margo Mediary, the woman in pink in the middle photo of 1479 series. I spent quite a while trying to do so - and found her as a member of the AINA HAINA SWIMMING CLUB ( in 1963 but could find nothing further (presumably she married) and that was the last I heard from Chuck.

  2. Oh, too bad. Hope they were received all right. Glad to see another Full Circle. Bummed that you never heard anything back...

  3. No I haven't forgotten just been busy.
    I received the photos and enjoyed them a lot. I gave them to my older sister. After that
    I finally found my Aunt Laura and Her daughter Jamie Light ( in which she replied to you in the old post). I also found my Cousin Margo Medairy which was in those old photos. Right now i recevied all the photos my Dad and step mother had in there charge and HELL I don't know almost no one but I'm working on them. As soon as I get thru I send you the left Overs LOL. Sorry for the delay. In that lots of photos my Cousin Jimie told me you had some with the name Skeets or Skeeter on them will that a nickname for my dad and me.

    1. Yes I have a photo of a kitchen table and on the table there is a two tier wooden bowl. It says on the back from Skeets and Inger from the Phillipines. No people in the photo just a kitchen. If you would like the photo please contact me by email


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