Sunday, December 28, 2014

Full Circle 102

Another photo found a home through an Internet Search.
Ramona Postcard DL Antiques NUmber 1304 (2)
Ramona Ann Moffett Photo Number 1304
Steve contacted me through the email in my profile.
I sent the postcard off  to California.
Hi Connie,
I received the postcard of Ramona Ann Moffett yesterday, thank you so
much! Following is a little more about Ramona, the postcard, and myself.
You may use any or all of the following you see fit to complete the full
circle on your website.
A few months ago my mother asked me to see if I could find any
information on her biological father. My mother was born in Morris,
Minnesota in 1928. As it turns out, her father is the same Robin H
Thompson who married Ramona Moffett in 1937. Robin and Ramona had two
daughters and were living in Glenwood, Minnesota in 1940. Glenwood is
about 25 miles from Morris.
74 years after the date and 1,795 miles away from the locations in the
1940 Federal Census, I was able to find that one of Ramona's daughters
was living in the same small town in Northern California as one of my
aunts. Not only the same town, but they attend the same church, sit in
the same Women's Sunday School, sing the same hymns together, and have
greeted each other and spoken almost weekly. They have done so for about
the last 20 years!
After writing an introductory letter, my aunt and Ramona's daughter met
once again, but this time knowing they were half-sisters. It was an
exciting time for them both and they have been getting to know each
other. I will be giving the postcard of Ramona to her daughter in the
near future.
I want to sincerely thank Captain Connie for the website and for quickly
sending me the postcard. I also thank Joe, Iggy, Intense Guy, for their
comments that helped lead me to the during the beginning of my search.
Regards, Steve

Thanks for stopping by.

Update from Steve:
Now for a update on the Minnesota sisters...I hosted a meeting at my home for them all to get together.  They all had a very nice time getting to know each other a little; it was and still is incredible how close they all came to be to each other and how many ways they are similar in appearance and characteristics.   
One more "thanks a lot" to you for your great website and personal help.


  1. That is a heartwarming story. Good work, Connie!

  2. Love it!! What a great story and a true reward to reunite not only a photo, but a family!! Great work on this everyone involved!

  3. This by far has to be the most heart warming full circle I have read on here.

  4. Bet you never expected all that to come from posting a simple postcard online...

  5. Yup. I think this would make a most interesting TV series.

  6. Now that makes it all worthwhile!!



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