Monday, December 22, 2014

Full Circle 100

I am pleased to report that we have reached a milestone on this blog!  We have reached Full Circle 100.

Yesterday my husband and I were invited to lunch by Missy and Chad.   They drove up to Park Rapids and we had a lovely lunch and visit. 

It seems they did a search for relatives on the internet and found a photo of Chad’s Grandmother and a handwritten note by his Great Grandmother here on Forgotten Old Photos..   They weren’t so sure what to do.  Missy left a message on the blog and I contacted her through email.

They would like to find out more about their family and hope to do some more research.

This was a photo featured in 2010.  It was the only photo where I have found a note tucked in behind the photo.  Many of you long time readers will remember it I am sure.

Photo 245

 Photo Number 245

Photo 245 letter

It took a long time for this Full Circle to be completed.

Missy and Chad want to thank Iggy for his research, it was his research that helped find Alta and her daughter Marie.  The only memories Chad has of his Grandmother are when she was in the Nursing Home.

I had to smile.  Some relatives of Chads are skeptical, I hope it will help when they see Alta’s handwriting.  They also figured I would charge a huge fee for the photo.   No so…I mail one photo to families free of charge although I appreciate reimbursement for postage and handling.. or lunch in town!  ( Just kidding)   I think of these forgotten photos as a kindness to pass along someday.

On the way up north Missy and Chad stopped for a break and had a small lunch…as it turns out another couple paid for their lunch…gestures of kindness follow a person everywhere!

I am thrilled to return this photo to family! This Full Circle 100 marks 199 photos that have been returned to family.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That is a wonderful Full Circle story. I know there are many more photos you have returned to happy family members,and I love that you do this! And, since I had relatives all over northern Minnesota, I'm convinced someday I will open Forgotten Old Photos and find a relative of my own. Then I would love to have lunch with The

  2. Merry Christmas Missy and Chad!

    Photo 326 is Marie's brother. Her other brother Leonard's find a grave memorial has an obit telling of the family's early years.

    1. Thanks Iggy! I had a nagging thought that I had another photo for that family. I have contacted Chad and Missy to see if they know any off their cousins in that part of the family.

  3. An especially heart warming full circle. Thank you for all you do to try to unite families with photos of loved ones.

  4. What a wonderful report! So glad you got to actually spend time with a family of a subject from one of your forgotten photos. Interesting that it took so long to connect--but that goes to show you, the Internet will probably be bringing missing family members to your site for years to come. Who knows who might be the next one to stumble upon a post from 2010!

    1. Actually, it took me fours years to determine who was in the photo, and only a month or so for it to be found by family after that. :)

  5. Congratulations on another successful reunion, Connie and Iggy! 100 full circles is really impressive, Connie!! Wish I would find more time to come back and help--life seems busier, while I seem slower. I will continue to stop by when I can. :-)

  6. Love these stories. Is Iggy going to Root Tech in SLC this coming February?


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