Monday, December 29, 2014

Full Circle 103

This was a quick Full Circle…one of the quickest yet! This photo was featured on December 20, 2014.
Wedding December 20
Will and Maud Frederickson  Photo Number 1776
Iggy located an obituary for Will and Maud’s only son Roderic.  From Roderic’s obituary I had many children to choose from.
Sometimes little info can be found.  This time I had good luck with White Pages.   I located a address for Larry.  I sent off a copy of the blog on December 21, 2014 and heard from Sally…Larry must have emailed her immediately!
Hi Connie!
My brother, Larry, forwarded your email about finding the picture of our grandparents, Will & Maud Frederickson.  I am the family genealogist and would love to have the photo.  What part of Minnesota was the photo located?  Will had a brother who lived near Fergus Falls. How did you locate my brother?  Thanks so much for taking the time to help these photos find their family. Here is my contact information:
Hi Sally, I mailed a copy of the blog post I wrote about Will and Maud.  I just mailed it a day or two ago...the post office must be working hard. (Turns out that Iggy found an email address for Larry and he sent an email to him)
The photo of Will and Maude is number 1776.  I purchased it at a Flea Market/Garage sale from a guy by the name of Larry he was near Grand Rapids for the big bunch of Garage Sales along the highway North of Grand Rapids back in September.
I purchased the postcard because it had names and the date is special to me and my husband!
My friend and researcher Iggy found out that Will and Maude had only one son Roderic and found his obit in the Carroll County Times.  From there I located an address for Larry and crossed my fingers that if he wasn't interested he would contact a relative that was!    It worked!!  I just plug a name into White Pages and a city and State. 
I am headed to the Post Office this morning so I will pop it in the mail.  I hope you will share something about Will and Maude  after you have received the photo.  Merry Christmas!!  Connie  December 23, 2014
Sally wrote back:
Thanks so much for sending me all that information about the blog.  That is a great photo of them.  My siblings and I are getting together after Christmas and I can't wait to show them the photo.  I already posted to the blog so   everyone will know that the search was successful! They were married and lived in Winterset, Iowa until the 1960s.  My Dad had moved to the Washington, DC area in 1941 to work for the government and liked the area so much he stayed here.  Thanks so much and have a Merry Christmas!
I sent off the postcard on December 23, 2014.
Hi Connie!
Thank you so much for sending the photo of my grandparents!  It arrived in the mail today (December 26) and I am amazed at what great shape it is in.  I see that my brother, Larry, also posted on your blog.  My other siblings are amazed that you were able to track down Larry so the photo could be returned.  This is a wonderful hobby/service that you and Iggy do.  I hope to be able to find out who Effie Sherwood is. ( the postcard was sent to Effie Sherwood) 
Thanks again! Happy New Year!
Sally also left this comment on the blog.
Thank you so much for tracking down this photo of my grandparents! This picture was taken on their wedding day. Will was a farmer in Winterset, Iowa and my grandparents lived there until the early 1960s. They moved in with our family in Maryland and were married 60 wonderful years. Thank you so much for tracking down my brother. My siblings are all getting together after Christmas and I can't wait to show them this picture. I guess I guess I now need to see if I can figure out who Effie Sherwood is. Thanks again!
Larry left these comments.
Wow  and Thank You, Larry
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Wonderful! Keep up the great work! :-)

  2. I love full circles...thank you

  3. There are two Effie Sherwood's in the 1910 United States Census, living in Iowa and both born in/about 1887.
    One lived in Inland, Cedar, Iowa and was married to William Sherwood, a farmer.

    The other, Effie P Sherwood, lived in Clay, Marion, Iowa and was married to John W Sherwood, also a farmer.
    Neither Inland, or Clay, Iowa are near Winterset.

    However, Effie is sometimes a nickname for Euphemia, Evelyn. Eliza, Elizabeth or even Stephanie. I found a possible Elizabeth Sherwood - but can't see anyway to "prove" this is "her."

    One might assume she was a girlhood friend of Maud (or even a sister) and check to see where Maud grew up?

  4. I knew it! This has got to be a record-breaker for fastest response on a Full Circle candidate! So glad to hear this one found its way home in time for the holidays!

  5. Oh the mysterious Effie Sherwood. Blast her!


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