Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Full Circle 96

This photo was returned to family.Emily Rouze Hunter Cabinet Card Solway (2)

Emily Rouze Hunter Photo Number 519

Iggy contacted Jeff.

Thank you very much for your message. Yes, she was an ancestor of mine. We both share the same great-great grandfather.

There are probably closer relatives on her side of the family still alive, but I do not know of them firsthand. So if you do want to send it with me, I'll keep it safe and secure. As far as I know, I've done the most genealogical research of those of us in the family currently alive.

Great picture, by the way! Someday when I get more time, maybe I could create a webpage with her picture and all the data I have for her. Then someone closer might really gain from the information.

Thanks again, and thanks for helping families connect with these wonderful old pictures

Jeff updated the info in a comment on the blog.

Thanks for contacting me. It's been a long time since getting any new genealogical information from online, so it is appreciated. This is very interesting, especially the picture of Emily Rouze Hunter.
Yes, she and I are related. Her father is my great-great grandfather. I've been to their family brick home in Indiana, built in the mid 1800s, and amazingly still standing.

Emily Rouze Hunter did have children. She and husband Miller Clark (MC) Hunter had at least six children: Ellen, Joseph, Mary, Fannie/Fanny, Susan Lulu, and Clark. So with the census information at top, the two oldest children were apparently no longer living at home. I have records that Emily Rouze Hunter died on 2/13/1915. Thanks!

When I heard from Jeff  after he received the photo he said more info would be forth coming.  I will add it here when it becomes available.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'm glad this evocative image of Emily is home where it is treasured. :)

  2. After reading about Emily and L.D.'s blog and listening to Susan Boyle's cd The Gift. At the same time.
    I have tears running down my face. Ok, I know it is my old age. But I love the memories any way. Thanks for
    keeping up the good work you do!

  3. Isn't it always so that the one who does the family's genealogy ends up with all the gems like this photo? Maybe not at first, but eventually it turns out that way. As keeper of the family stuff, Jeff got some unexpected gifts coming his way, at least!


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