Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Photo Number 1036

This is a postcard about a play that took place in the early 1900’s.  This must have been part of the advertising.

The penalty of Pride Postcard PR Antiques

The Penalty of Pride and the cast of characters.  Presented by The Seniors of People Academy, staged by Miss Lillian Fisk.

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  1. I love it! I wonder if they used it to advertise or just to remember the performance.

  2. Amazing postcard! I wish I could read the words.

  3. Lillian Fisk is a relative of mine, she went on to be an artist in Paris. My mom is doing some research on her, with which I am helping. She was my mom's aunt (my mom is 91). Would you by any chance be willing to part with this postcard? Thank you.

    1. Hi Julie, I have the Postcard on my desk ready to mail, please contact me by email. Click on the yellow flower on the left or Far Side of Fifty to get to my profile where my email is.

  4. Hi Julie Thanks for the comment. Yes I am happy to mail you the postcard. Please contact me with your mailing address by email. My email is found off to the left by the yellow flower go to my profile. Thanks!


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