Saturday, October 6, 2012

Photo Number 1013

This is a Cabinet Card  from Craig’s Collection.

Joel Johnson Cab Card Craig

Axel Carlson was a photographer in Wheaton Minn. during the years 1889 to 1895.

Joel Johnson Cab Card Craig back

Joel Johnson.

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  1. Oh good. A Johnson... :)

    Well, it could be any of a large number - but I think Joel Aleric Johnson, born on 4 Sep. 1892 in Moose Island, Stevens, Minnesota is as likely as any (I know he is born late in terms of your photo dating) - He married Delia L Lindholm (b. 4 Jun 1898 in Leaf Mountain, Otter Tail, MN d. 1 Apr 1991 in Riverside, California)

    The only positive indication of his "Travese County-ness" is his WWI draft card which states he lives in Tintah and is employed as a section hand (track maintenance) for the Great Northern Railroad)

    Joel and Delia had a daughter, Elizabeth Dora Johnson Bird (b. 14 Jan 1917 in Divide county, North Dakota d. 12 Jul 1986 in San Diego, San Diego, California)

    1. Perhaps..but Wheaton is a long way from Stevens..I wonder if there are two Joel Johnsons..I will hold off for a bit with the update:)

  2. Another great photo and investigative work.

  3. um...would that be photograph number 1013?

    Although you will be there sooner than you think :)

    1. Ah yes Thanks Jacqi..LOL getting old:)

    2. Just figured you were getting ahead of yourself. I can see you already working into next year in some of your projects and planning!


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