Thursday, October 18, 2012

Photo Number 1025

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Twins I think DL Antiques

A old photo of two small children..possibly twins.   They must have taken a chair and an old pillow outside where the light was better to take the photo.  That is quite a wagon in the background.

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  1. The pillow ticking brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. I bet the pillow in the photo is stuffed with goose down.

  2. It's especially great with the background. Almost looks as if the cart is resting on top of the chair.

  3. Most odd - you would have thought the photographer would have "cropped" the "outdoor scenery" out of the photo!

    The wagon looks huge! I wish I could tell what the blob to the right of it is... a horse? ox? people with a horse? People trying to get away from screaming babies? :)

  4. What a great snapshot! The wagon reminds me of one my granddad had in Iowa in 1940. A neighbor girl, Wilamena Barnett, and I stood on the wheels and started it rolling back and forth. Great fun. Then it started rolling in one direction and ran into the barn, breaking one of the boards on the front. We were so scared that we were in trouble. My granddad was so "cool." He was a carpenter and he just said, "Don't worry. I can fix that."


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