Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Photo Number 1016

This is a CdV from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
CDV Mrs EA Meiton Vermont  DL Antiques
R. H. Smith Photo      St. Albans Vt.
A lady with a braid encircling her head..and just a hint of a snood at the back of her head.  The tie at her neckline must have been very colorful.
CDV Mrs EA Meiton Vermont  DL Antiques back
Mrs. E. A. Writon?   Whitton  Jericho Vermont
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Update from crex:
Evaline A Whitton, born nov 1837

From Who Were They and Iggy:
Evaline A. (born 1837), daughter of Simeon Pease.  Evaline married John P. Whitton (b. Nov 1832).
Simeon had another daughter, named Sarah (born 1821) and a son named Rollin (born 1841).

Here is the link to the old photos at Who Where They! 


  1. maybe it's Evaline A Whitton, born nov 1837??

    Check the link!

  2. hey everyone check this out. Noriko had some photos of this same family:)

  3. Oh how cool is this!!!!

    :) Evaline Ann Whitton ... Seems like I actually knew her....

    1. You did some great research! Who woulda thought that I would have a photo that connects up with Norikos?? What a find for some family:)

  4. Talk about every hair in place! What a perfectionist she must have been...

    And I agree: it looks like the name is spelled Whiton.


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