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Photo Number 1037

I got a request from a reader.  To help figure out a mystery.

My great grandparents gave birth to 4 children between 1910 & 1915...They divorced in 1916

and in doing so they gave up all 4 of the kids..Now we found on the 1920 census that the 2 boys

were found in a childrens home..then 10 years later they are found in a home for the feeble minded.

10 years after that they were back in there home towns with family members...they both married and

had a good rest of there lives..That is until death took them both to early...And when they did they

took the memories of the girls with them...and no other family member will tell us anything ....My

mom lost both of her parents and a sister when she was only 8 years old...So she grew up not knowing

her fathers side of the family which is one of the 4 kids...

Lisa wrote to me asking for help.  I said I would least the information would be out there.  She sent a little info.


Thank You so very much..Will mean a lot to me and my guarantees understood. But hopefully someone will know for sure who these people are.

1 & 2. My mom was told by a non family member that this photo was her Aunts Minnie & Esther Huffman.....all it says on the back is to uncle Willie date given.




3.. we do not know who this baby is. But might be one of the girls or there brother William & Paul Huffman..Nothing written on the back.


4. This might be my moms father William Huffman....But he was never in the military so can't say it is him.


Things we know

1910 William E.Huffman & Laura Sampsel Married

1910 Paul Born

1911 William F Born

1913 Minnie Born

1915 Esther Born

1916 William & Laura Divorce

1920 William F. & Paul in crawford County Childrens home in Ohio

1930 William F.& Paul in Home for Feeble Minded in Columbus Ohio

1940 William F. & Paul Back with Laura under last name Foltz

1944 William F. Gets Married

1945 Paul Married

1956 William F. Dies with wife & 1 daughter

1967 Paul Divorced and dies

No idea where girls went after the divorce of there parents William E Huffman & Laura Sampsel Huffman

All info came from census records from Ohio & Ancestry



My thoughts:

Photo 1 and 2 ..The girls are too young to have been in this photo.  I would date the photo 1910 to 1915. The boys in the photo are unlikely to be one year apart in age.  So I don’t think it is the boys either.  I would look for other family members that would fit this photo..could possibly be friends and not relatives.

Photo Number 3…it could be any of the four children.

Photo Number 4.  Men that were in the CCC often dressed in this type of uniform. Unmarried unemployed  men during the years 1933 to 1942 often worked in the CCC camps.  I wish I could date the car in the background.

If anyone comes up with anything please leave a comment. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)

Since it is November we will start a series of Soldiers photos tomorrow.  Armistice Day is coming up.


  1. Very interesting. Look forward to the soldiers photos.

  2. I would check the orphanage records at the County Home. What was their religion, some religious groups had orphanages. The records are verging on one hundred years, perhaps you could get them.

    Check the local newspapers and see if adoptions are listed.

    Just a few ideas.

  3. I looked on and found that Laura Sampsel Huffman remarried in April 1917 to John Lauer. She listed her divorced husband's name as Edward Huffman. (On her first marriage record he was listed as Wm. Edward, so I assume he went by his middle name.) On the 1940 census, John and Laura Lauer were listed with children Fredrick, Mary and John Lauer, and stepson William Foltz. Hope this gives some more clues to the family!

  4. William Edward Huffman & Laura R Sampsel Married in 1910 and divorced in 1916..Then in 1917 Laura remarried to a man by the name of John Lauer and had
    Margaret H Lauer Bowen 1919 – 2002 Fredrick Lauer 1921 – Mary Lauer 1928 – John Lauer Jr. 1929 – 1996 George Lauer ?

    The Step son William Folts Is my grandfather he went from being a Huffman in 1930 to being a Foltz in 1940//But by 1944 he was back to using the Huffman name when he married my grandmother....

    We have no idea who for sure is in those pics..but we do know they are not William,Paul, Minnie or Esther...

    any help is greatly appriciated...we have been working on this for several months now..
    the boys came home...what happen to the girls? thats a mystery...
    maybe someone will come across these pics and reconize some or even 1 of the people in them.
    Thank you so much for doing this for me and my mom..It is her last wish to know what happen to the girls....Lisa

  5. Up Date.....Got a call from childrens services in Crawford County Ohio. They took the onfo on Paul, William, Minnie & Esther. They will call me next week with what they find..
    However the pics still remain unnamed..Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post these, and comment on them...Will let ya know what I find out next week...Lisa

  6. If the boys and girls were indeed the four (Paul, Minnie, Esther, and William) and the photo dates to 1910... the older girl would have been born around say, 1900.

    I found this to be curious:

    Born in Youngstown, Ohio, USA on 11 Mar 1901 to Albert George Linsenmann and Ida Rosina Wirth. Esther Caroline married Lawrence Earl Place and had 3 children. She passed away on Jun 1986 in Galion, Ohio, USA. Or perhaps a lifelong friend? Neightbor?

    Son Hugh Earl Place (of Galion, Ohio 26 DEC 1926 in Galion, Ohio - Death: 2 AUG 1991) and adopted daughter Mrs. Lester Jerger in Florida survived childhood.

    So, perhaps this Esther (whom I can find absolutely no birth record for) is Esther Hoffman and adopted by the Linsenmann's?

  7. Thank you very much......I will check this out..It is very interesting...

  8. Thanks everyone

    Intense Guy I looked into this and it is not the one I am searching for...I found the girls true birthdays.....Paul was born 6/18/1910,William was born 12/3/1911, Esther Bell was Born 1/4/2923 and Minnie Elizabeth was born 4/12/1915...Crestline from what the birth records say...
    What I do not know is what happen to them after 1/1916 to there death.... So still searching. but wanted to update what I found so far.

    Thanks again everyone....


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