Monday, October 8, 2012

Photo Number 1015

This week we will look at some of the hair styles that are in old photos.  I am not an expert chime in if you have information to share.  This Cabinet Card is from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Frothy looking Dress DL Antiques 1896-1899

This young lady wears her hair in an up do with the bulk of her hair gathered into a twist or a knot at the top of her head.  Her hair appears to be quite curly especially in the front..either natural or by the use of curling irons. 

She wears a beautiful frothy looking gown with huge sleeves.

The photographer was Martin F. Heinzelman of Owatonna, Minn.  He was in Owatonna during the years 1896 to 1899.

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  1. O.K., I'm paying close attention. I always like to be able to narrow down the date with hairstyles and clothing if i can.

  2. The clothes and the hairstyle look mighty uncomfortable!


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