Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photo Number 511

Edward Host Bva

Edward Host 5 months

Edward Host two

Hello Gladys, What do you think of this picture of Edward Host taken when five months old but is again as big now he has four teeth and says mama + papa and by-by and can paddy-cake believe me he is some baby.  I think this is a pretty good picture only its a little dark. Well Gladys room is scarce on here. Clara  ( some word I cannot read)

This is a Velox postcard with diamonds so we can date this 1907 to 1914. I bought this card at Bonny View Antiques south of Hackensack, Minnesota.  It is a lovely little shop in the woods.

I didn’t think the photo was dark at all..perhaps she means the background. The baby carriage appears to have a cloth top that folds down. Edward does not look real secure to me..he could roll out any minute.

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  1. He is a big baby and looks very happy!

  2. He's really leaning - I wonder if there was a "twin" in the other side of the stroller!

  3. Beautifully happy baby in a wonderful carriage. Those carriages were great.

  4. I didn't have any conclusive luck with identifying little Edward. There was one that died in Saint Cloud, MN and one that died in Clarion, PA that might be him - but I couldn't tie them to a Gladys or Clara.

  5. I enjoy reading about the different places where you have purchased these.


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