Monday, April 25, 2011

Photo Number 516

This is a photo that comes from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
Runneborg sisters DL Antiques
The Photographer is Gertson from Lidgerwood, North Dakota.  It is a lovely photo of a group of sisters that I think may have been taken around 1910.
Runneborg sisters back DL Antiques
Runneborg or Runneburg sisters ( corrected to Lunneborg..thanks to Crex!)
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  1. They are very alike, but it's nice to see the variation in dress styles. Jo :-)

  2. Try Lunneborg for the surname.

  3. Such pretty faces and the clothes are exquisite.

  4. I think Crex is right about the family name - could it be this one? Lidgerwood is 20 miles due east of Sargent county, and the first town of any size in that part of North Dakota.

    United States Census, 1920 for Nels Lunneborg
    Residence: Sargent, North Dakota
    Estimated Birth Year: 1863
    Age: 57
    Birthplace: Norway
    Relationship to Head of Household: Self
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Marital Status: Married
    Household Gender Age
    Nels Lunneborg M 57y
    Ellite Lunneborg F 48y
    -- Emma Lunneborg F 22y
    -- Nelmar Lunneborg M 20y
    -- Alvin Lunneborg M 18y
    -- Herman Lunneborg M 17y
    -- Edwin Lunneborg M 16y
    -- Ellen Lunneborg F 14y
    -- Thedore Lunneborg M 12y
    -- Elevin Lunneborg F 11y
    -- Ginna Lunneborg F 10y
    -- Hilda Lunneborg F 8y
    -- June Lunneborg F 7y
    -- Doras Lunneborg F 4y9m
    -- Ruth Lunneborg F 1y3m

    The trick will be figuring out which of the daughters might be in the photograph! Elevin through June?

  5. Ellite was 48 and still birthing babies?! That poor old gal. Hope we learn more about this group. Those follow ups are always interesting.

  6. They are certainly lovely young girls with curly hair all of them. As for which of the sisters these were, we should adjust their ages from the 1920 census, as I agree this is a 1910s image, but maybe closer to 1915, which would eliminate Ruth, Doras, June and Hilda. I guess this is Emma, Ellen, Elevin and Ginna.

  7. It is a wonderful photo. They look like they are a good group of kids.

  8. The four girls are beautiful but when I see teh list of children posted by Intense Guy, all I can think is "Thank you Lord for birth control".

  9. I sent a message to a relative on Facebook this evening..we will see what happens next:)

  10. I was contacted by a family member and I am awaiting an address:)

  11. That is a picture of my Grandfather's sisters. There were a total of 16 children. Nelmer moved to Mpls. to raise a family of 6 children.

  12. Looks like someone contacted you about this photo I saw the other day. I sure would like to get the photo of my great aunts to share with my family. I contacted you a little while ago and then I realized someone else also contacted you about this photo.

  13. I mailed this photo yesterday to Sandy in the cities:)

  14. geezlyn, If you email me I will email you a copy or I can mail you a CD with the photo on it. My email is on the left sidebar in my profile:)

  15. I agree on the Lunneborg. I worked for a gentleman by the last name of Lund, a Norwegian from Minnesota. Lots of vikings in that neck of the woods.

  16. I was wondering if you ever found out any more about this picture. I am Marne Lunneborg, Edwin's granddaughter. I happened to stumble across your page and your post. How exciting!
    There are/were a lot of Lunneborgs in that area in North Dakota. I'm not even positive that these girls are grandpa's sisters but I may have some relatives who could help. I'd love to find out more about it!
    Please feel free to contact me at
    Thanks so much!

  17. I am a granddaughter of Herman Lunneborg. He died in 1970 at the age of 67. He had five children. Eugene died young, Darlyne, Myron, Wayne, Sharon. Growing up I knew his brother Ted but n

    1. Hi Carolyn, This photo was sent to Sandy in the cities a long time ago. I never heard back from her. I will see if I can locate an address or email for her. I can email you a copy of this photo if you would like it. Connie at Forgotten Old Photos. Click on the yellow flower for my email


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