Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Number 507

This is the last Lockwood photo.  It is a Cabinet Card and Hirshburg Bros of Seymour, IND was the photographer.

May and Glenn Lockwood Cab Card DL Antiques

The same person who wrote on Fays photo yesterday wrote on this one also.

May 27 months         Glenn 3 years + 5 months old

There are no last names..but I believe without a doubt that they are the Lockwood girls. 

Jessie Glenn known as Glenn was born Dec 28 1890 and would have been 3 years and 5 months old in May of 1894.

May was born in Feb of 1892 and would have been 27 months old in May of 1894.

I have wrapped up these last four photos and mailed them off to Greg, he is Jessie Glenn’s Grandson.   I was wondering why the name Glenn was chosen and found out that her grandfathers name was Glen ( Esthers Father).   How marvelous to be named after your Grandfather.

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  1. sweet kids,so nice the photos are going to family

  2. Nice photos. Also a great idea that you are able to connect the photo with relatives.

  3. I think I like this photograph the best of all!

    Such beautiful little girls.

  4. beautiful girls. The...hide covered chair in the background is nice too. That looks like a hide anyway.

  5. I do hope Greg will share some photos as these subjects progressed through life.

  6. Another great family connection. Beautiful girls! ~Abra

  7. These two little girls are beautiful! Absolutely stunning!


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