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Photo Number 505

This is another Lockwood photo. 
May Indiana Gladys Lockwood Cab Card DL Antiques shop
May Indiana Gladys Lockwood back DL Ant
This is May Indiana Gladys Lockwood age four months.  I believe that May was born in February of 1892.  So this photo would have been taken in June of 1892.  The sleeves were short on her gown most likely for the warmer summer weather. The photographer was Crabb and Johnson of Seymour, Ind.

There seems to be some differences in how her name was spelled..Mae or May.

Iggy found this info when we were researching the Lockwood Family.

Mae L Lockwood was born 1892 and died Feb 18, 1986. She married Manning Z Taylor on April 25, 1915. He was born June 1899 in Owensville, Gibson County, Indiana, and died 1955. They are buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery, Union Township, Gibson County, Indiana as is Mae's mother, Esther Lockwood. ( her Father Stephen is also buried there)

As far as I know Esther and Stephen Lockwood had five daughters. We have met Jessie Glenn or Glenn, daughter number one several times, and now we have met May the second daughter and previously we met Ruth Dale, daughter number four.

This little gal May..had quite a name.  Indiana cannot be a very common middle name. 

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Here is the link to Mae L. Taylors headstone..I have a feeling that she may have used her maiden name of Lockwood in her adult life.   


  1. Such a sweet, tiny baby.

  2. That baby's dress is long enough for her to wear until she is abut 20 years old!


    What's a little mysterious is the middle initial... The census and cemetery records say it is an "L" and not an "I"?

  3. Aren't all Christening gowns short sleeved?

  4. What a darling. Imagine how much work went into that gown. I want to know why she was named after the state. Maybe you'll find out.

  5. Maybelline, This is the first very short almost sleeveless gown that I have seen. Most are long sleeved or at least to the elbow:)

  6. I bet it is a reference to "Indiana Gladys", not a middle name. Such as May Lockwood, the daughter of Gladys from Indiana. Perhaps there was more than one Gladys in the family and this was a note to remind them which Gladys. Just a thought...


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