Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Full Circle 27

This was a fairly easy full circle. I recognized the photos in the Antique Shop, wrote about them and mailed them out to Esther Lockwood's Great Grandson Greg..who is also Glenn’s Grandson.

Iggy was kind enough to email Greg for me to tell him that I had found more photographs of his family.  Once we start a connection..the same person usually follows through.  This is what Iggy heard from Greg:


We will take all you can find!...My cousins and I are thrilled to see these "lost" pics and are quite impressed of the quality and condition of the photographs.....is all the information you are providing from the census? My Great-grandmother had good foresight to write the names on the back of these. If only more people would have done this! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!   P.S. keep an eye out for any photographers with Princeton Indiana as their address for they may be family as well....also our library genealogical dept. has a collection of unidentified photos and would be interested in them as well....


These are the photos I mailed.

Esther Lockwood second photo DL Antiques May Indiana Gladys Lockwood Cab Card DL Antiques shop

Esther Lockwood Photo Number 504     May Lockwood Photo Number 505


Fay Lockwood Seven Months old May and Glenn Lockwood Cab Card DL Antiques

Fay Photo Number 506               May and Glenn Photo Number 507

I received a Thank You!!  and a check for twenty dollars that I will reinvest in more photos with names on the back.

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)

Full Circle 25 the other Lockwood photos can be found here.


  1. I forgot to answer Greg - I would say about two-thirds of the research is "census record" based - mostly to identify who and locate where the person(s) photographed was and where they lived. Some of the remaining searches are SSN death records (which tell us where the person died and perhaps more accurate spellings of name and birth and death dates), on-line searches for obituaries (for survivers and where they live(d)), family trees, and cemetery records. The biggest help in locating living offspring are online family trees and obituaries.

    Finding living offspring contact info, once (and if) potential names are found, entails on-line searches (which sometimes supplies an email), online phone and address directories, checking Facebook, and sometimes checking to see if there is a local historical society or library (or blogger) that might have a helpful person to aid making a connection.

    In some cases, all efforts to locate offspring are frustrated even if there is a lot of available information (see the recent Nettie L. Parks of Council Bluffs, Iowa album for example) - a lot of information was found - but no living direct offspring of Nettie could be identified or located even though we know there are literally dozens if not hundreds of them.

  2. Thank you, Intense Guy for your labor of love. You play a large role in returning these treasures to their families. You and Far Side make a great team.

  3. The internet is a wonderful thing.


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