Sunday, April 10, 2011

Full Circle 25

This Full Circle has four photos.

Esther Lockwood Cab card  DL

Esther Lockwood Photo Number 467

Two of her children:

Jessie Glenn Lockwood Cab card DL Ruth Dale Lockwood DL Antiques

Jessie Glenn Lockwood                      Ruth Dale Lockwood

Photo Number 468                            Photo Number 484  

Jessie Glenn Lockwood DL Antiques

Jessie Glenn Lockwood a little older.

Photo Number 483

Iggy had great luck with this one.  He located Jessie Glenn’s Grandson Greg by email.   Jessie was known as Glenn.

This is what Greg wrote back.

I am indeed grandson of Glenn Lockwood Wright and was very excited to see old photos of the family.... it is interesting that old photos like that would end up so far from home......please forward them to me and I would be glad to reimburse you for any cost......Stephen and Esther also had a daughter named Mae and she was quite a fond great aunt of mine as my grandmother passed before I was born.....Thank You so much!   Greg

Last week I received a note that said “Thanks so much!” and a check to help cover the cost of the photos and postage.

I always like to hear that the photos have been received…and I do not write a Full Circle Post until I have confirmation that the photo has gone Full Circle.

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. :)

    Another collection sent home! I know you "patiently" await word from others that have been sent home - but not heard from yet!

    If I count correctly - these 4 make it 28 photos full circle so far this "full circle" year (which started November 2010).

    I have a photo I'd like to share - as soon as I scan it in. The photograph was forgotten in a sense.

  2. Congratulations! This is such a special thing that you do, and I know it makes you happy to reunite these faces with their families. Keep up the good work. Here's hoping that more people will understand the importance of the full circle and will be sending you a note of thanks soon.

  3. I know that I don't always leave a comment, but what you are doing is wonderful.

    The other day while cleaning out a cupboard, I came across many, many old Dutch photos from both Gar, and mine rellies. Really old, and black and white, who will ever know these people anymore?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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