Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photo Number 501

This is a group photograph from the Park Rapids Antique Shop.

1910 maybe two PR

I am reminded of the vines covering my husbands Grandmothers porch..and how the heavy vines made the porch all cool and shady in the summer.

This must have been a family gathering of some sort..lots of women were there. This is a photo from right around 1910. Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. The ladies on the bottom row really look crammed in there. I wonder what this structure is? Kind of odd looking with the wall behind the tiers of seats - and there looks to be a stone wall lined road behind it.

    The lady in the last row with the pillow looks old but the lady to her left in the row below her looks positively "ancient".

  2. Love the fellow in the back sticking his head into the frame. I bet the ladies gave him a lot of good ribbing. Then again, there are a few ladies there who probably got upset and reprimanded him the same way they did when he was a young boy.

  3. Like the dress on the lady in the left front row. She looks a little more festive. It was obviously a big event.

  4. I love this picture. The ladies are a riot! Although what do you make of the Lincoln-looking man peeking out from the ivy in the back left corner. How does he fit in, I wonder? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Maybe they had him stick his head in because they were superstitious of having 13 women in the photo? Ha ha, doubt it. This is a great photo of family/friends of some sort. Sure do wish we knew who they were and what the occasion was.


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