Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photo Number 708

A good looking couple.

ML Photos Unknown Couple

The young lady is holding a white box of some sort, her handbag is under her arm and her fur coat is over her arm.  She is ready to go someplace.

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  1. Scenes like these were common during the war. Not so common nowadays.

  2. A happy woman with a proud, probably higher-ranking officer. War time pictures can speak so much, filled with such contradictions of what happens on and off the field of battle.

  3. Aren't they a dashing looking couple. Doesn't that beat the jeans and t-shirts of today? I like the more formal attire of yesterday. Even from my yesterday.

  4. It's a shame he isn't turned a tad more so we could see his rank insignia. :)

    I'm glad wearing jacket and tie went out of "daily" fashion - but the slummy look is taking casual too far!

  5. I thought I had replied to this yesterday. My guess is the box is a corsage box. My dad used to bring home a corsage for my mom the day of a big convention dinner. Gardenias usually.


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