Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo Number 519

I purchased this Cabinet Card at Solway, Minnesota.
Emily Rouze Hunter Cabinet Card SolwayThe photographer is Gesman from Knoxville, Iowa. I found that he was in business in the late 1800’s. I will guess that this was taken around 1890.
Emily Rouze Hunter back Soloway  Emily Rouze Hunter
I did a quick search and found her in the 1880 Census.
She married Miller C Hunter.
Clay Township, Marion County Iowa
M C Hunter age 46 Farmer
Emily Hunter age 43 Keeping House
Mary age 14?( Female) At home due to swelling..the box for Maimed, Crippled, Bedridden or Horribly Disabled was checked.
Fanny age 11( Female)
SL age 9 ( Female)
George E  age 10? (Male) protégé??

Then I did another search for just Emily Rouze..and low and behold I found the biography of her is the link it is very interesting reading.  Emily lived to be 77 years old.  If she was 43 in the 1880 census then she was born in about 1837 and she died sometime around 1914.

The biography was part of a book written in 1928 by Nellie Hunter Sherman and updated in 1990 and titled Rouze Family Genealogy, by Dixie Norton and Carol McKenzie.   Additional research by Jeff Rouze.
I could find no way to contact Jeff Rouze, but perhaps someday he will do a search and find the photo, and checkout my profile on the left side of the page and send me an email! 

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)

I found that Emily was born on May 03, 1837 and she married Miller Hunter on August 06, 1854 at the age of 17. 


  1. There is a realism about it which you would never see these days - if photographs are to be read, it is printed in large type upper case.

  2. She looks so careworn. Perhaps life was very hard for her or caring for the sick daughter was a handful.

    I went to the link and read about the family - if you go up a level - there is an email address shown. Hopefully it is still active. I'll see if I can find Jeff at noon time.

  3. Interesting is that George is not listed as a son, but as "Other" born in New York. Fanny and SL are listed as daughters and born in Iowa.

    Me thinks George was not a son - perhaps he was a nephew or adopted?

  4. So interesting...every time i see these old photos with no one smiling. I wonder what the purpose of taking them was and when people started smiling in photos...

  5. Ashleigh, Photographs were only taken by the wealthy in very early photographic times. They did not smile because they had to stay very still and hold the same pose for the photographer for up to a minute during the exposure time. They also did not have their teeth were often bad looking or missing:)

  6. Such a fascinating find, Connie. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Connie/all,

    Jeff Rouze here. Thanks for contacting me. It's been a long time since getting any new genealogical information from online, so it is appreciated. This is very interesting, especially the picture of Emily Rouze Hunter.

    Yes, she and I are related. Her father is my great-great grandfather. I've been to their family brick home in Indiana, built in the mid 1800s, and amazingly still standing.

    I don't show her as having any children. She apparently moved to near Tracy, Iowa where much of the family moved, and is buried there. That the picture comes from Knoxville, Iowa makes a lot of sense :-)

    Thanks so much!
    Jeff R.


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