Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photo Number 512

Well it is almost the middle of the week..Easter is on Sunday and I have some special photos to share.
first communion Dorset Antiques Someone’s First Communion (or Confirmation).  Perhaps a sister and a brother.   Religious photos are few and far between, I got this one at the Antique Shop in Dorset, Minnesota.  No names and no photographers name.
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  1. Great photo and your new banner design is wonderful!

  2. I like how the boy's pants are tucked into his high boots.

    Is this photo "tucked" into a heavy paper "sleeve" of sorts? The mounting looks a bit unusual.

  3. Iggy, I think he is wearing knickers, with dark stockings and high topped shoes..but it is hard to tell. With the darkness of the photo it all disappears.
    Yes it is in a folder of sorts, I have scanned it in it's is just paper folded up on the top and on the bottom:)

  4. Does this photo have that reflective silver in it? Based on the photo sleeve, I'm going 1920s here. This is a great photo!

  5. Lovely photo, lots to look at in this one also which is great.

  6. Norkio, Nope no reflective silver in this photo. It is a true sepia tone:)

  7. Hold your candles up straight and strong. Interesting clothing.

  8. I am doing a post this sunday on antique religious photography and would like to include this photo. Please let me know if you would rather I didn't. I, of course, will credit the source and link to your blog in the text.

    Erin Walace


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