Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Number 502

This is a group photo that I purchased at a Antique Store in Dorset, Minnesota. There are three stores..I got this one at the second store. 

Granger texas photo Dorset Antiques copyI will let you tell me what you think the story behind this photo is..and if you think like I do that those four boys were a bit much for that Grandma.  What year do you think this was? 

Granger Texas back of photo Jno. P Trlica was the studio in Granger, Texas.

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  1. It appears to be a mother with her two sons/daughters and their families. I agree, that those 4 boys would be a handful!

  2. This is such a great family pictures,,,preety old enough,just wondering if this 3 grown ups are her children aside from the kids.?

  3. I thnk Grandma looks a bit stunned. Bright-eyed though, as if she's pround of how nice her grandchildren look. The two men don't look at all alike - so I'm thinking they are not both her sons.

    Grandma's two children and spouses with their "matching set of two older boys and baby girls (what are the odds of that?) make a great picture. I hope grandpa was still living, and maybe out of town or busy at work.

  4. My guess would be the photo is mid-late 40s to early 50s, but dating photos is not really my area of expertise unless I have a box full of similar ones next to me that I know the dates of. Just reminds me of a photo of my dad, his brothers, and one sister that was taken in the 40s. ;-)

    In comparing features, my guess is the the woman on the left with glasses and the man with light hair are siblings and are the children of the older woman (Grandma). They seem to share light complexions, similar face shapes, etc.

    The children are guarantees on if their behavior lives up to their innocence pictured! ;-) ~Abra

  5. I love your group photos! It is fun to see who gets put together. I found a fun one and put it on my blog. I would love your opinion.

  6. Based on the dress of the woman on the left and the tie of the man next to her, I would guess the photo is from the 1930s or 1940s. I remember my parents having similar clothing in group photos.

  7. It looks a bit like a convention of ventriloquists to me!

  8. I love how the little girl is standing on a stool, and the other girl is sitting up on a barstool as well. LOL

    And the kids truly are well-behaved for the picture too!

  9. This is a great three generation family photo. Grandma looks proud of her family, to me.

  10. I love Alan's suggestion, "convention of ventriloquists."

    It is a fun photo with interesting textures for the rug and background. Somehow amongst all of that business they manage to pop.

    And grandma is wearing the sensible shoes I worried I would have to wear when I got old. The same type of shoes my grandmother wore.

    I think it's 1940s.

  11. There is something odd about the background. It looks like a scrim over a painting of windows. I can't figure it out. The kid on the left looks just like my older brother (at 8 years old). That would be me mugging second from the right.

  12. Lovely Pic. The girl standing on the stool is too cute.
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  13. The hairstyles on the women would date to the late 1940's or maybe 1950-1952.

  14. The photographer, Jno. P. Trlica, is a rather important Texas photographer, out of Granger, Texas. Granger was a small farming community north east of Austin--lots of Czech and German immigrants. There is a collection of his photography in a book: Equal Before the Lens, by Barbara McCandless, c1992.

    The studio backdrop of this photo matches those of larger groups; a different backdrop was used for couples & individual shots, one in the book is from 1930's.

    1. Thanks Chickadee23 for the information! :)


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