Monday, November 2, 2015

Photo Number 2060

Veteran’s Day is November 11.  To honor our Veterans I will be presenting old photos of Veterans until then.Ben DL ant
This is a Real Photo Postcard from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Ben DL ant back
Ben Bjergson  Halvor Bjugson
The photo was taken at U.S. Studio 304 W. State St. Rockford, ILL.
It is an AZO postcard that was used from 1918 to 1930
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  1. Interesting portrait, greetings.

  2. I just read a book of how we were gotten in to World War 1
    We were hood winked: A very surprising how.

  3. Hi Peter and one-legged Jack!

    Hmm.. I suspect the one man in the photo's name is misspelled. And of course, the other guy isn't named at all!

  4. Well, it may seem like there is no such surname...or possibly it was written or transcribed incorrectly...but there was one family residing in Manitoba in Canada, emigrants from Iceland, with that surname. No Ben, though...although perhaps Ben was an Anglicized nickname.

    I wonder if sharing this photo on a genealogy forum for military uniforms might help reveal some more general information. I've done that in the past with some photos and found some very helpful information.

  5. The man in the picture is Ben Bjugson, an uncle to my grandfather Ben Bjugson who was born in Thompson ND and farmed near Kloten ND, where he (my grandfather) is buried. I have seen other pictures of great uncle Ben that my mother had, so I know it is him. He is buried in Trail, MN. I would love to be able to acquire the postcard, if possible.

  6. Mike left this comment: I made a mistake in my last reply; this is Halvor Bjugson, my grandfather Ben's cousin. I have seen Halvor's picture several times in old photos my grandmother and mother had Halvor was killed in Europe after WWI and is buried in Trail MN. My uncle Halvor Bjugson was named after him. We would like the postcard if at all possible,


  7. I mailed this postcard to Mike in Illinois November 16th 2015.


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