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Photo Number 2077

This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.
E Hoglund more children Crookston ant
Olson from Fertile was the photographer.
E Hoglund more children Crookston ant back

Eric (Erick) Hoglund Family
Ema baby
This photo was probably taken about 10-11 years after this one.
Eric H Family of two children Crookston ant
Erick G.O.Hoglund  with Christine and children  (Victor) Hugo and Hulda  1887
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I believe the children in the photo taken in about 1899 are:
Victor born 1885 age 14
Olga born in 1889 age 10
Mathilda or "Tillie" born 1891 age 8
Arthur Vihelm born 1892 age 7
Gustaf born 1896 age 3
Emma born 1899 

I believe Victor married Magda A. and they had a child named Emma C.
Gustaf died when he was 36  He was born Jan 30 1897 and died July 11 1933.  He is buried near his parents.
Arthur may have changed the spelling of his last name.  It might be Hoaglund, if so he was born August 27 1893 and died May 23 1977 in Orange County California.

Erick and Christine would have three more children.  Ellis born about 1902. Nora born about 1904 and Elvira born about 1909.  So they had ten children.

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  1. 10 now that is a family of good looking kids.

  2. With ten children, surely there is a descendant out there somewhere who will stumble across these photos!

  3. I hope someone finds these photos!

    10 is a big crowd! I doubt anyone could afford to do that today ('cept those weird TV show families).

  4. Erick was my great grandfathers brother. Nice to see a photo. All the children of Ole Petterson used O for an initial in their names for Olesson or shortened to Olson.

    1. I mailed these photos today to Robert in Novia Scotia Canada


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