Saturday, November 14, 2015

Full Circle 133

This Full Circle began with an email after a search.

Hi, I just came across this picture. Estelle is my Mother!!!

What a surprise to see this! Breen is my Mom's older brother. From the date listed, Mom was 13 and Breen 15. They grew up in a wonderful family in Bismarck. Breen passed away a few years ago but his wife Bev and grown children all still live in Bismarck/Mandan area. Estelle and her two sisters are still living. Royann, the eldest (age 90) is still in Bismarck. My mom lives in Chandler AZ, near my sister and me who both live in nearby Casa Grande. She is 85 and doing well. She was married to my wonderful father Don Shirley until he died of cancer at age 50 when I was 16 (Mom was 45). Mom never remarried. They had moved to Great Falls, Mt in 1963 where my dad started/owned a gift shop - The Curiosity Shop - in the mall. I was 4. Before that we lived in Arnegard, ND where my dad was from.

Mom has never owned a computer and will be surprised when I show her this! I will forward the link to my 5 brothers and sisters and to Breen's children to see. They will all be so surprised.

How fun! Thank you so much for picking it up. Mom comes from a close family so it is hard to believe the photo was at an antique store. Since the ages were left blank, I'm assuming it was taken by someone more distant - maybe a family friend. The handwriting looks like an older person's so could have been a great aunt or uncle...

If you'd like to know any more about Estelle and Breen, just let me know. It is great fun at my end to see it - a moment in time of my Mom's life, but I know it must be fun at your end also to finally find out who these mystery teens are!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Estelle and Breen 1943 Moorhead Ant NUmber 1284 (2)

Photo Number 1284  Estelle and Breen Kennely

I located the photo and sent it off in the mail.

Hello! I received the photo of Estelle and Breen. Thanks so much! 

I will gladly send you shipping and handling money. Is $10 okay?

How many photos do you purchase a year and how many do you find homes for a year? I am so curious!

We will all enjoy the photo and the story behind it. I will be seeing Mom on Sunday and it will be fun to give it to her along with your letter.

Thanks again. 


Hi Patti, Whatever you send is just fine, I use the money to buy more photos.  I have placed about 250 photos so far but the number is rising rapidly last week I sent off 103 photos to a from their family during WW2 and before!   There are lots of photos out there that are not marked but one time I did return a photo that was not marked.   So anything is possible! 

Thank you for the reply and the stories you shared.  I will write the Full Circle Post after November 11.  I will send you a link to the post when it is up.  

Oh yes, I have no idea how many photos I purchase in a year...I never keep track!  Hundreds I suppose!  I might be an old photo hoarder!   Connie

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. I am delighted by the happiness! Makes me happy too!

    You have returned over 350 photos now, someone should call the New York Times and have them do an article on you!

  2. Love that someone wrote their names and the date.

  3. Congratulations on all the recent Full Circles. Well done.

  4. Great, love to read about full circles.

  5. A day with another Full Circle report is a happy day, indeed. I could use a few more of those right now... :)


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