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This is a CdV from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.
Eric G O Hogland Crooston ant
E.G.O. Hoglund
Eric G O Hogland Crooston ant back
E.G.O. Hoglund taken in Sweden 1873.   22 yrs   4  ------   Herbert Larsons
Erick G.O. Hoglund was born March 1, 1851 and Died Jan 28, 1941  He is buried at St. Johns Cemetery Norman County Minnesota.
This is a Cabinet Card from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.

Eric H Family of two children Crookston ant
Eric H Family of two children Crookston ant back
Eric (Erick) G. O.  Christine   1887 not sure
Victor (in pencil)  Hugo + Hulda  died at 12
Olsons Photo Studio in Fertile Minnesota.
Erick married Christine  born Feb 8 1863 and died December 20, 1945.  She is also buried at St Johns Cemetery in Norman County Minnesota.
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Update: From the 1895 Census. The name is misspelled Hoglun
Erik Hoglun 44 born in Sweden is living in Polk County Garfield Township. 
Christine age 32 born in Sweden
Victor Hugo Hoglun 10y born about 1885
Hulda Hoglun 8y born about 1887

There are more children, I have a photo of them tomorrow.  But this is the photo that has Hulda in it.

I also found out that Victor Hugo was a merchant that sold furniture and he lived in Polk County Garfield Township in 1930.  He was married to Magda A. Hoglund and they had a daughter Emma C. Hoglund  age 8y in 1930. 

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  1. The earliest census record in which I could find Erick and Christine was the 1920 census. While they had several children listed in their household then, there was no Hugo, Hulda or Victor. However, the oldest child in that census would have been born after the second photo was taken--born about 1890. I couldn't find any earlier census records for this family. However, the 1920 census also showed that Erick came over from Sweden in 1879, so that lines up with the first photograph's date in Sweden.

    With all the names and details, here's hoping this one will find its way home, soon!

  2. I found them in the 1895 Minnesota census The name was misspelled Hoglun. Erik, Christine, Victor Hugo 10y, Hulda 8y, Olga 6y, Mathilda 4y, Arthur 3y. They lived in Garfield Township Polk County.

    In the 1910 Census their name is spelled Hoeglund Olga is 20y, Tillie 19y, Arthur 17y, Gustaf 13y, Emma 11y, Ellis 8y, Nora 6y amd Elvira 1y.

    1. E.G.O. stands for Erik Gustaf Olson or Erick as it is spelled on his tombstone.

  3. Erick and Christine Hoglund's daughter Alice Florence Hoglund married Erich Alexander Carl Deierling in 1925 and they had two children, Donald and Dale. Donald has passed away, but I think Dale is still alive and might be interested in these pictures. I have Erick & Christine in my Ancestry database because I am interested in the Deierling line. There is another woman in Oregon or Washington that is also researching Deierling, I will send her a note and see if she has established a connection to Erich Deierling yet. She is more likely to be related than I. I have three sets of Deierlings in Wisconsin, Missouri and Ohio that came from the same vicinity in Germany, but the Deierlings in Oregon/Washington seem to have originated in Hannover. If it is alright, I will copy the picture and put a link to this site on my database for Erick and Christine Hoglund.


    Here is Donald Deierling's obituary where is mother is mentioned.

  5. What great photos. E.G.O. Hoglund is my great grandfather Izak Hoglund's brother. Izak went to Fertile Minnesota from Sweden with some of the family.

    1. Robert if you would like the photos please contact me by email which can be found by clicking on the little yellow flower.

    2. I mailed these photos today to Robert in Novia Scotia Canada

  6. I took these photos to Sweden to show my daughters new Swedish in laws and they were very interested in the story of how they were found and of my family history. They really liked the one of Erick taken in Sweden. Thanks Connie. I have sent you correspondence by regular post.

    1. Hi Robert, we appear to be related! Your great grandfather's brother, Erick, is my great grandfather. I have a wonderful story that Erick wrote about the family's time homesteading in Minnesota that you would certainly be interested in. Let me know the best way of connecting with you.
      Dell Deierling

    2. I heard from Rob and he and Dell were able to connect!!
      Hi Connie

      Hope this email finds you well.

      Dell and his wife were able to visit Nova Scotia a while back and my wife and I met them for dinner and had a wonderful visit sharing our family trees, pictures and stories. I'm sure there wasn't anyone in Truro Nova Scotia more happy and excited as the two of us were. All this happened because of an old forgotten photo. Thanks again for your efforts to make something like this happen.

      Warm Regards


      I was very happy to be a small part of a happy reunion of relatives!

  7. Hi Dell Please contact me, my email can be found in my profile. Click on the yellow flower. I have heard from Robert and he was very happy to read your comment!


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