Monday, November 9, 2015

Photo Number 2067

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Ellsworth Swanson DL ant
Ellsworth Swanson DL ant back
Ellsworth Swanson
I have another photo of Ellsworth when he was about twelve years old.
Ellsworth Swanson DL ant NUmber 1965
We have this information about Ellsworth Swanson.
From Iggy:
Ellsworth was the sole son and oldest child of Marshall and Carrie Swanson.
Ellsworth Hamilton Swanson (7 Oct 1896 in Anoka County, Minnesota - 18 Jan 1961)
The 1940 US Census shows him as a dry cleaner with his family:
Wife - Anna Swanson 42
Children:   Louise F Swanson 20, Marshall Swanson 17, Robert Emil Swanson 2

Louise Francis (4 Oct 1919 - 18 Apr 2004) she married a Pruitt.
Ellsworth is buried at Fort Snelling Cemetery in Minnesota.  On his tombstone it says U.S NAVY,  SEA and   WORLD WAR I
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  1. I've never seen such a large hat as part of a uniform.

  2. Oh, I remember that other photo. Just loved it!

    Ellsworth's son Marshall's Find A Grave memorial names his children as well. Maybe some additional clues to help move these photos to a Full Circle??? It's been a while...

    1. I have looked for Marshall Lee Swanson with no luck, the rest of the siblings are girls:(

  3. This photo was mailed to Barb in Minnesota Feb 12 2016


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