Sunday, November 1, 2015

Photo Number 2059

This is a photo from the antique shop in Crookston Minnesota.  It may go with the other Johnson photos.

A Johnson Crookston ant

It is marked A. Johnson on the bottom.

A Johnson Crookston ant back

Tillie, Emily and Olga

Scratched face

Not sure how or if it fits…perhaps the girls gave the photo to Alexander or John Alfred  Johnson…just speculation.

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  1. If they are family, I would doubt they were "with" Alexander - he died young in 1917. John Alfred's wife was Emilia - and perhaps called Emily. She had a couple sisters - named Oltina (Olga) and Minnie (Manny in the Census).

    Find A Grave Memorial# 75832056

    1. Alexander was 23/24 when he died. He could have been given this photo by his friends who were girls:)

  2. One of these girls died young - the same year as Alexander. Perhaps Alexander and Alfred dated and/or married sisters.

  3. Wonder why the scratched face? Or am I just reading between the lines too much?

    1. I think that the gal with the scratched face died young and they crossed her off the photo. Many time they would mark a cross on top of a persons head in the photo if they had died. But anything is possible.


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